Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Week 47

This is the time of year when busyness intensifies and we have to be increasingly intentional to pause and enjoy the moments. This blog helps me do just that. I have to stop and reflect on each day and the highlights of the week.

Stephan driving off with a five-month supply of venison!
Yes, it is hunting season. Stephan has been here three times and had a very successful, well-aimed shot one day.
It is also birthday week for two grandsons: Malachi 21 on the 21st, and Zion 10 on the 23rd.

Favorite pics from years ago
Michael's second cataract surgery (right eye) was Tuesday plus two post-op visits.
And I had a third massage treatment. My friend therapist is  working long and hard on difusing the trigger points and releasing my left shoulder to gain greater mobility.

Wednesday my night to volunteer at Basics Jr..  Rebecca was feeling better, so I picked her up and while we waited there was time for a fancy braid.

Our little tapping troupe, the Dancing Divas (ha!) is wrapping up the year with a couple performances, sort of as a grand finale to our time with Kayla as our teacher. She has decided she has too much going on with the many dance classes she teaches at Cornerstone for the Arts in Muncie as well as keeping up with Rebecca's activities.
One of those was a four-week art program at Taylor. The Art Education and Art Therapy students prepared lesson plans and practiced on elementary age students from the community. I attended the 
Friday evening program to exhibit what the children had learned and accomplished.

Rebecca's art and photo opportunities 
Rebecca chose the abuela-Becca photo-background location, ha! I was running late and did not dress up for the occasion.

Speaking of "dressing up," Moriah sent photos of last weekend's Broom Ball, an annual "pick-a-date" tradition. This year four closest friends went together to play hockey on the ice with decorated brooms.

However, the main focus of the week was the "new" headquarters for the renamed East Central Indiana Robotics. Michael worked at the Matthews shop every available moment, and only rested the afternoon after surgery. The big push is to have the place in decent order for the first open house Tuesday the 26th.
Here you have glimpses of the rebuilding and the chaos and a video walk-through on the 19th.

Next time a progress report.

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  1. It's definitely a busy time of year! Will you guys get a new teacher for the Divas?


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