Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Plodding on . . .

Another beautiful Sunday bouquet from cousin Karin! I hope and pray these will soon adorn her church as before.

Lovely candlelight enhanced our Monday night dinner as well as a good group of friends.

I tackled one the many unfinished projects this week and completed the five scrap yarn hot pads (or whatever they are). They were started so long ago. I wish I could remember the pattern.

Now that I am getting around and can drive again (the boot on the left foot does not interfere), I was able to take Leah to her appointment, spend some time together, and get to see Kalani baby and Daddy Skye (still wearing the beanie I knit for him years ago)! 

The next day Leah had both her grands in the house while Kayla was having her wisdom teeth out. This is my favorite great grands pic of the week.

Michael is out and about most of the time, working alone at the shop cutting "ear savers", running errands or riding his bike. Here I caught him looking after his bees. 

Oh, he still likes to do a lot of the cooking, but is very happy that I am able to do the clean up now. He made cheese again and then used the whey in making soup and bread.

The round of doctor visits started up again. Michael had a necessary skin care appointment and I went to my eye doctor. 
On the way I stopped to see Diane. The stay-at-home order is getting her down, she's eager to get out. While I was there we were able to call and talk to her daughter in Wisconsin and that seemed to cheer her quite a bit.

We are grateful for the extra time we have to spend together and the many interests to keep us occupied. We started watching the series The Chosen and highly recommend it. You can get the app or watch on YouTube.
I have been increasingly focused on family history research in the archives of the Grace Brethren Church. It's been a fascinating project. I was amazed to find information about nine out of the ten Hoyt siblings. To think that from this large family came pastors, missionaries, university professors and administrators. Even through poverty and dysfunction they were highly educated and achieved so much. I know they would give credit to God and say that they were greatly blessed. I would love to know more about my grandmother's part in it through her godly influence.


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