Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Visits and Visitors

First, a virtual visit to cousin Karin's flower garden via her Mother's Day bouquet which includes lilies, roses, daisies, irises (lavender and peach), and more.

Next a trek up the lane to the mailbox and a view of the spring greening and profusion of yellow flowers. Yes, I am walking!

A neighbor down the road brought the wrongly-delivered box of Misfits. He remembered me from 12 years ago when we taught at the same school.

I'm able to drive again, so on my way to the orthopedic center, I stopped to see what Michael was up to at the shop in Matthews where he spends most of his time. There were tables set up with kits to be assembled. On the first meeting of robotics students five showed up and assembled 150 face shields. Later that day he delivered, to the Anderson team mentor, boxes of shields and kits to be assembled and shipped. Now he is cutting hundreds, even thousands, of ear savers, i.e. surgical mask tension relief bands. 
While I was there, the local paper was delivered with an article our friend wrote about the work we've been involved in.

Oh, and about the appointment: my ankle is healing but not there yet, so I must continue to keep it fully supported with the boot (always outdoors), and/or a brace (indoors).

I'm so grateful for online views into the homes of our loved ones. Here are a couple favorite sights of baby Kalani.

Aww! That's his blankie!

He's so alert, when he's awake.
Kayla was kind to send me a photo of Daddy Skye, now in his third week of work at Ivanhoe's.

Saturday, I found out that there was going to be a Zoom meeting for those who had served on the ship Doulos from '83-'85. Our family joined in '78 and left mid '83, so there were not as many that I remembered, but a few very good friends were there. It was an especially inspiring meeting with 60 plus people participating (three Zoom-pages worth of screens) from all over the world and lasted over three hours. Each person had one minute to share their stories. Wow!

Almost immediately after it was over and Michael was back from working at the shop, we had a very special pre-Mother's Day visit. How wonderful to see our dear ones face to face. They brought much cheer, and lovely gifts (the plant to the right) and sweet words voiced and written in a card.

Sunday brought more surprise visitors! We are so blessed to have our children living in the area. 
Each one expressed their love on Mother's Day.

Now that the ice carving business is non-existent, Stephan started working this week at Fuller Architectural Hardwoods only three minutes from his home in Daleville.

The last visitor of the week was Harvey the groundhog. He races around our deck almost every day. To my surprise, this time he actually paused and stared at me for a minute or two before sauntering off.

Any surprises in your neck of the woods?


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