Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Birthdays and more camping

Karin´s weekly pic tells me the leaves are turning in Tennessee also, even though her flowers are more muted pastels. 

In our area, we had the most colorful week thus far--fleeting autumn beauty. We are making the most of the lovely weather for both work and play. Michael is steadily cutting and gathering wood for the winter. There is a plentiful supply of dead trees in our woods.

My research material is growing almost at the same rate as the wood pile. This week a friend in Argentina, who is also working on the history of the mission, heard of my interest and began sending me numerous documents. This valuable resource is comparable in quantity to the dead trees in our woods! 

There are two October birthdays in the family--our oldest and youngest grandchildren. Kayla was 29 on the 5th, and Jude eight on the 8th. We met Kayla for lunch on Monday, ever delightful. 

This photo of Jude when he was one may explain why he is an advanced reader now!

Two camping adventures completed our week. Michael went backpacking with a couple of friends in the Charles C. Deam Wilderness in the Hoosier National Forest. The 100 year-old ruins they came across must have fascinating stories to tell.

Last week, when abuelo got back from one of his camping trips, Rebecca asked if he would take her next time. We decided to have a practice experience in our woods Friday. We walked the trail, found treasures, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and slept comfortably all night. 

However, Michael/abuelo was up early to go riding with his Muncie friends.

The weekend wrapped up Sunday with another concert in the park, a marimba ensemble this time. Can you guess how many instruments they brought?

Leah invited us for an evening meal of tacos. The red bush in their yard was perfect for a photo-op! 

That's all for Week 41. Only eleven more to go in 2020! 

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  1. That wilderness area looks lovely! But so does your wooded area. I really miss walking in the woods. I haven't found a good place to do that around here.


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