Thursday, November 12, 2020

Week 45

Cousin Karin's blossoms are dying out. Her brother Ed is very ill and she is caring for his daughter. Instead of a real bouquet, I open with one of Mother's paintings. The gentleman who ran the ARTcare with Grace program, said of her: "Kathryn understands color like no one else." I imagine her now enjoying the vibrant color varieties in heaven.

Next, a forgotten photo from last week: Moriah Cruella deVil. College students enjoy Halloween fun too.

My projects and accomplishments of the week: the year-end letter, and a good start on the family calendar. 
Of course, the big event of the week was the election. Everyone had varying waiting times. I was there mid-morning and waited in line for at least an hour and a half but had the best time talking with a retired medical missionary to Bangladesh. When Michael went at 1 PM there were only five people ahead of him. 

The next three days I was feeling rather puny with a sore throat. It was strep, no Covid. Even so, I tried to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. 
The first afternoon I walked to the bridge nearby and back, about a mile and a half. 

The next two days I wandered through our woods.

Michael found time to do a 10-mile hike with the guys. He is very grateful to be able to go that far without much pain and only one half-way rest stop
The robotics program is picking up. That keeps him well occupied now.

Sam's birthday celebration was Friday, November 6. It did not seem wise for me to go because of my sore throat, but Michael went anyway and took his sister. Diane had a good time; she doesn't get out much and misses family. They got to see the many improvements on the house.
Happy 42nd, Samuel son! 

All week long Michael diligently prepared a presentation for a virtual forum Saturday: "Electricity, Electronics, and FRC." He missed riding with the club, but went for a shorter ride later. This beautiful weather cannot be wasted!

The annual Upland Holiday Craft Fair was on, always the first Saturday in November. A friend was able to display and sell some of the knitted-from-scraps items that have accumulated this year over many an evening of TV watching with my honey. Only two sold, so the rest are up for grabs. Take your pick.

Sunday afternoon was perfect for one last hiking hoorah, just the two of us.

What a wonderful surprise to "see" on Facebook a couple from Barcelona that we worked and fellowshipped with in the early years of our marriage when we lived in Germany, now in their 80s, married 61 years. 

¡Hermosos recuerdos, Dios os bendiga, Antonio y Eugenia!

We are now well into Week 46, and I am just now posting about Week 45 due to life´s unavoidable interruptions, which I prefer to call God-appointments. 

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  1. I love your mother's painting. Such a talented family! I would choose a knitted item, but apparently we don't have cold weather down here. It's 70 degrees right now!

    Did you find it as weird as I did that our week 45 posts came the week of the election (since Trump is the 45th president)? It was a little freaky!


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