Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Good Works

Cousin Karin's Sunday bouquet

I so enjoy the signs of life that spring forth from the earth and show their beauty poking through whatever is in their way.

One of Michael's contributions to Stephan and Karen's new house was to design and install the radiant floor heating system. This was the week to install the tubing. He worked there most days. So, for Monday Night Dinner, I just drove on my own and met him there. This is what I saw when I got there.

First the vapor barrier. (Karen explains and illustrates the process so well in her blog post "Radiant Floor Heating" in Meanwhile In Indiana.

Throughout the week 2700 feet of tubing were tied down with 2400 ties to cover an approximate 1500 square feet of floor. Exhausting work, hard on the knees. He did not keep a record of the countless ups and downs.

My greatest physical exertion of the week was to walk to a bridge nearby on Tuesday. Or, was it to scrub the floor? 

Wednesday was Basics Awards Night. Rebecca appeared in the program and met her leader in person! Every week Emily called and went over the lesson with her and chatted about their life and prayed together.

I stopped by Leah's two or three times this week. Thursday I got to see Kalani as well and even steal a few kisses from him. His Mom and Dad were on an important errand and we entertained him for awhile. I was reading a very funny book about Skunks. We laughed so much with each page. Afterwards, he began to pretend-laugh hard so we'd join in!

Friday afternoon we had another "shoot" to redo a scene that had not turned out well. 
Michael was able to finish up at Stephan's in time to come watch the process for awhile. He took this picture of us, film crew and actors. Kendra, on the left, is walking us through the emotions we need to portray with each line.

During a short break, I joined Michael and tried to explain the emotional weight of my part. 

Photo credit Kendra Copeland

Fridays I pick up the local paper, The Courier. Surprise, a photo and article about last Saturday's event.

Saturday, after working at the Helping Hand store in town, I stopped by Leah's and got to see the weekend project in progress--Jimmy and his brother Tony installing a new front door, along with all the surrounding changes and repairs.

One of my favorite verses is Ephesians 2:10: "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." I am grateful every day for those things He's prepared for me, for us.

That was week 16. What has God prepared for us in week 17?

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  1. Goodness - everywhere you turn you have children doing construction in their homes! That Kalani is terribly cute - I'm glad you got to spend some time with him.

    Oh, and I would ALWAYS vote for scrubbing floors to be the hardest. Ugh.


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