Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Remembering and Celebrating

More beauties from Tennessee. Our few surviving tulips (from the 100 bulbs planted then ravaged by critters--moles? deer?) have not bloomed yet.

It's fun to see the house-building progress every Monday evening when we go to Stephan and Karen's for dinner. This time I took a picture of the floor plan on the wall to help me visualize what's coming.

Michael spent more time at Leah's this week. Do you notice the progress? Father and daughter seem to be on the same page regarding every aspect of the design. 

Lest we forget Michael's ongoing work with the robotics team, here is an action shot from my visit Tuesday evening. It was taken shortly after a group of visitors stopped by from the nearby 
We are truly grateful for the donors that make possible this great learning opportunity for young people.

Filming continued Tuesday with an evening shoot in the loft, my writing area.

And again Wednesday for a daytime scene.

My final acting bit was at the clinic nearby, where I "crumpled" at the news of my adoptee's death.
That was the end of my acting career and the crew applauded. I tried and failed to get a picture of that moment. But here, for posterity, is a photo of the team squeezed into my loft.

Thursday I was privileged to meet with a friend and colleague from some thirty years ago. Such a wonderful time of reminiscing and catching up on our growing families.

Another special reunion took place Friday, April 2. In honor of what would have been Dad's 100th birthday, we met with my youngest brother Alan and his wife Raquel.

I had recently come across my sermon notes from when Dad spoke at the first missions conference of their young church on his birthday in the year 2000. Maybe you can help me draw more meaning out my scant notes. I'd love to hear it again if per chance it was recorded.

Saturday was all about preparing to welcome the entire family for dinner on Resurrection Sunday!
Here you see some of the festive outfits worn for the occasion.

Various family members left early to celebrate with their other families, so we weren't able to act out the story from Matthew 28:1-10 as planned. 

However, the two boys were prepared and performed for us the part of the guards who trembled and became like dead men when the angel appeared at Jesus' tomb.
They had also made a video of the story with narration and moving crafted characters about. 
Wish I could post it here.

What a memorable day!

BTW, a"remembering" of a different sort happened as scheduled when I published chapter 3 of my book, Christmas 1945. Next episode comes out April 15.

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  1. That looks like a very full week with some lovely time spent with family & friends! Love Leah's Easter dress!


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