Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Houses, birthdays, life

Karin's Sunday bouquet, May 23

Sunday afternoon, I drove up to Winona Lake for a very special birthday party. The missionary neighbor we called Aunt Margaret, turned 100 May 25th. Jim and Margaret Marshall moved in next to us in a big 15-room house in La Carlota, our first location in Argentina. I was only five or six. The last couple decades of their lives brought the two couples together again in the same neighborhood and during their final years they lived in the same health care residence for seniors. Margaret survived them all. She always said she wanted to make it to her 100th birthday.
It was so good to see her again after more than a year!

My friend Darlene also had a birthday this week. We don't get together very often, so it was good to share lunch and conversation at Payne's.

Michael had been coming down with a serious head cold. He rested Sunday, but Monday was back working on Stephan and Karen's house. When I went there for the weekly dinner, my phone was dying so I only managed to get one photo of the progress.

I borrowed this photo from Karen's blog to show what Michael has been doing all week. He cut the metal siding to fit and install around the nine windows. The urgency is to complete all the high work with the lift and avoid renting the expensive equipment for another week.

Michael is unstoppable, even when fighting a cold. If he was home and it wasn't raining, he found time to mow. Look closely and you will see him in this pic.

Robotics slowed down considerably, which allows him to give so much time to the house-building.
Meanwhile, I try to make the most of all the time alone, walk most days, meet with friends, write and more.

Jane and I enjoyed the rhododendrons and other blooms on our walk together Tuesday to the bridge over the Mississinewa River.

Wednesday was Michael's 50+27 birthday, as he prefers to call it,emphasis on the 50! He caught up with me, but I cannot keep up with him! He worked all day, of course. So, I invited Moriah to stop by for a quiet evening. We played an extension of Splendor, and we let him win! ;-)

We heard from our other girl, happy to be reunited with her family and enjoying her assistant editor internship job.
Kendra and little sister Katie; Kendra, Katie and Zach

When I visited Leah on Thursday, I was introduced to three new kittens. She runs a well organized cat maternity hospital!

On my daily walks, I see interesting sights. Honeysuckle always reminds me of childhood, sucking the honey from the blossom. On a rainy day, I found this interesting puddle. Best of all is the time to think and pray.

Sam has been working on his house to finish and make it PERFECT (he has very high standards!), but now it is for sale as they plan to move nearer to the Greenfield schools area where Kristie works.

House for Sale

After many weeks of fewer TV evenings (or at least ones when we were awake enough to watch an entire episode) we finally finished the Foyle's War series.
This week I also listened to Eric Metaxas' biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer--powerful warning for our times.

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  1. Those rhododendrons are gorgeous! We hope to take a trip up to the mountains to see some in the next week or two. Congratulations to Aunt Margaret! And to Michael - he is pretty amazing with all that he does!


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