Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Life's Rollercoaster

The last iris
Stephan's 2020 birthday gift--the Indy 500 with Dad--was postponed due to Covid. But 5/30/21 found them enjoying the event on a perfectly beautiful day--a wonderful break from all the work on the house.

Of course they were back at it on Monday, even though it was a holiday. While they worked all day on the siding, I prepared a lot of food for a family Memorial Day/Monday Night Dinner.
Grandpa gave the younger boys a ride in the bucket of the boom lift.

My friend Petey arranged an outing with our two girls, her granddaughter Edna (4) and my great granddaughter Rebecca (6). Our plans changed a couple times due to closings and the rain, but we ended up at the Muncie Children's Museum and had a fun time. Rebecca's favorite is to pretend to shop in the grocery store or be at the cash register. In the end we almost had to drag her out of there.
The staff also prepared a magnet-coloring activity for the young visitors. On the way home the tired girls were happy to play games on their iPads.

These photos Petey captured of Rebecca are my favorites.

I still get out for a walk every day, through our woods one day, but most of the time out on the road. Only I do not like the amount of traffic.

The evenings we watch television together, sometimes I color or knit. My latest coloring speaks to a very difficult situation we faced this week. Life is like that--a mix of beauty and pain. 


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  1. I'm sorry you had a difficult situation. I'm sure walking in your woods helps with that some - it's so lovely!


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