Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Visits and visitors

Cousin Karin's end-of-August bouquet includes her last gladioli standing proudly for all to enjoy!

As August was coming to an end, we noticed weather changes, relief from stifling heat. But, I don't know if I'm ready for summer to end.

Twice at church, and again during Monday Night Dinner, we enjoyed many stories of God at work in Honduras. Wes and Cindy Williamson lived and worked there for many years. Their four children grew up in Honduras, and are now finding their place as adults in the US.
Interestingly, when Wes was a 17-year-old freshman at Taylor University, he worked with the church youth group and was one of Stephan's leaders. That's where he met the girls' leader, Cindy!

Tuesday was the eagerly awaited overnight visit from Kendra, passing through on her long trip to California to participate in Taylor University's Los Angeles Internship Program for outstanding film and media students.
Moriah, who works from 6 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., was able to join us for dinner. 
Both seen here with strawberry pie instead of our customary shortcake dessert.

Wednesday, bright and early, we said goodbye to Kendra for her days-long trek across the US, Road Atlas in hand. Later that day, a good friend joined her for the rest of the road trip.

Thursday afternoon we visited Moriah's new living situation, a lovely apartment in Indianapolis. And, of course, had a Splendorous evening. But left before her early bedtime. 

She showed off the features of her new furniture, but actually does sleep in her bed at night! 
It was fun to hear about the life of an engineer.

The week was very full. These are only the highlights. 
Michael goes to Stephan and Karen's almost daily, plodding along with all the intricacies of the electrical installation for the new house.
Here is a Spanish homonym question: How many wires are in the circuit breaker box, cincuenta or sin cuenta?

The circuit breaker box

Karen had this lovely photo in her blog of one of the first results of Michael's diligent work--light!

Kalani, an early Saturday morning visitor, was fascinated by these ducks different from the ones he feeds at the Gas City park. The family came to pick up the four-wheeler for the Labor Day weekend festivities.

Shortly after, I left to volunteer at the Helping Hand store with these two ladies. I soon discovered that Ethel, on the right, was Malachi's babysitter, oh so many years ago.

Sunday, after another very full day, we attended a marriage celebration reception for this lovely couple who wed earlier this summer. Christian and his siblings were on the robotics team for a while. Emilee has had a very adventurous life and has been to other countries, including four months or so in Cambodia. They are now working in Bozeman, Montana.

We are very privileged and honored at our age to enjoy relationships with the younger generation.

Vacation, the chapter published this week, led me to think about the theology of rest. We have not had an official getaway this summer, but we do find moments of renewal in the midst of busyness, and are especially grateful for the health we enjoy. 


  1. What a lovely week! How very exciting for Kendra - I'm quite envious. I would love to take a road trip across America.

    We haven't had a vacation this summer either, but we're scheduled for some time at the beach in October. Hopefully we'll be able to go - it depends on how Mike's dad is doing at the time.

    1. Hope you do get away. Sorry about Mike's dad.
      Just scheduled an overnight camping! That will be good!


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