Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Week 35 Highlights

Sunday, August 22, another Tennessee bouquet to brighten this post. Thank you, Karin!

It was also a very special day for my brother Aldo and his wife Alice--their 50th wedding anniversary!
We couldn't be with them in Denver, CO, so I was very happy to see this photo.

Asha and Joanna, both juniors, had already moved into their dorm and were preparing to welcome new  students during International Orientation. Sunday evening they came back for a special meal and brought another friend from India, Sumana. Moriah came to visit as well. Later that night we welcomed our fourth Indian guest, Amy. 

Asha and Enoch Eicher, Moriah, Mike, Joanna V. and Sumana

Joanna came back to spend the night and welcome her sister Amy into this new world of college, Taylor University and America!

Amy and Joanna Vasudevan

Amy and Enoch could not move to campus until Tuesday, so they went with us to Monday Night Dinner. 
Someone is swimming. Oh, it's Enoch!

Tuesday noon, our last two Indian visitors were welcomed on campus by their older siblings, official IO (International Orientation) greeters. We haven't heard from them since.

Amy, Enoch, Asha, Joanna

Wednesday we were invited to meet up with OM friends from eons ago in Berne. As always, so much reminiscing and catching up, so many stories.

Mike, Rita, Vreni and David Greenlee

Apart from these highlights, our life routines continue--Michael works most days on the electrical installations at Stephan's new house and I on my priorities: WWW (writing, walking and the Word). 
I've been using an app called Seek to identify various plants on my walks. 

It was fun to get away Saturday evening and watch  Elijah (#42) on Greenfield Central's soccer team, beat Yorktown 4-0. However, the sun was very intense!

I had spent much of the day restoring our guest spaces, readying for another visitor.
In Enoch's room I found he'd protected the clay sculpture, I smiled. 

But am sorry to hear of the virus still affecting people here and there. Our youngest grandson had a fever today and tested positive.

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  1. That mask made me laugh. So sorry for the positive test - hopefully he will have a mild case.


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