Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Week 40


Week 40 seemed rather routine, until the exceedingly eventfull weekend. Not many photos to represent our daily activities.

Much of the time, I was intent on preparing chapter 15  of My Argentina and Mi Argentina querida for publication on Friday, October 1. It can be tedious work and results are not always perfect. These self-imposed deadlines may be stressful at times, but certainly help me accomplish some life goals.

Michael's focus was the ongoing installation of the heating system in Stephan and Karen's new house. That too, requires great perseverance--faulty parts to be returned, leaks that need repaired, constant checking, keeping on day after day. And finally, the documentation of the entire floor heating system! What an impressive document Michael is putting together! The end is near!

I took Leah to the Cancer Center this week, and after that we happened upon an opportunity for extra provisions for her household: a tailgate distribution of surplus items by Second Harvest. We waited over an hour (or napped) in one of the long lines of cars.

Among the items loaded in our car, were a great quantity of these cute little pumpkins. I microwaved a couple, scooped out the seeds and mashed the rest with butter and brown sugar. Delish! I imagine we'll have fun painting many of them.

I was fascinated by the bouquet at our table at The Bridge Cafe and learned about these blooms using my SEEK app. But more importantly, I enjoyed conversation with my friend Petey. I am so grateful for our friendship.

In the evening, I got to see Rebecca! It was the first meeting of Basics. Since she moved up from Basics Jr., I did too. It was fun being a volunteer, an errand person.

Now let me list the many events of the weekend:

--Friday, Michael and a dozen or more guys camped overnight on Stephan and Karen's property in the back open area close to the woods (and the outhouse!). They tented, cooked, played ball, some swam in the pool, and then gathered around the fire ring and shared man stories.
Michael prepared, brought and served a large breakfast the next day.

--Saturday afternoon, we drove to Winona Lake for one of the Grace Homecoming events, an alumni dinner. The sixth president, Dr. Katip, now in his last year, shared many interesting stories of his journey with Grace schools.

We will never forget the time Bill and his wife Debbie stopped to visit and pray with our family at the hospital after Malachi's serious accident. Even more meaningful is the fact that they were on their way back from a memorial for their eight-year-old grandson who died in a fire.

--We spent that night at my brother Alan's and got to visit and catch up with him and his wife Raquel and their two foster children.

--Sunday morning we were so blessed to go to church with Malachi and Lexi (they live next door to Alans) and then spend time with them afterwards.

There's more to the eventfull weekend, but I think I'll save that for the next post.

The promise of Deuteronomy 33:25 proved true again!
"As your days — so shall your strength be!" Deuteronomy 33:25

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  1. Whoa - that WAS an eventfull weekend! And I love the fuzzy flower!


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