Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Week 42

Somehow cousin Karin faithfully puts together a lovely bouquet every week even when she says there are few flowers left. Thanks, again!

And, somehow, Michael musters up enough strength to keep tackling the many tasks that present themselves. 

One job is almost done - the heating system at Steph and Karen's new house! He has repaired all the more obvious leak spots, but it will need to be checked with water when that is possible. Notice the well organized and labeled binder documenting the entire system. 
Photo on right shows dry wall in-progress. 
We got to see son Sam Monday night as well. He came to talk about the cabinetry he will be installing.

For further details check out Karen's weekly blog report on house progress.

Leah's place had some fun pumpkin decor. Next, some will be painted and/or eaten.

Michael and a few backpacking buddies went to Low Gap Trail in Morgan Monroe State Forrest and spent Wednesday and into Thursday enjoying the beautiful outdoors and perfect weather.

Friday the 15th, was another of my self-imposed writing deadlines. Again, somehow throughout the two weeks, we managed to crank out another capĂ­tulo - in English Chapter 16 "Tents and Temples", and in Spanish La Carpa. 

Saturday, Our Town Upland sponsored the second annual Fall Festival. By the time I arrived, the family members I had gone to see were already leaving. Perfect timing to admire the pumpkins Rebecca and Kalani painted, get hugs and kisses, and abuela's mandatory photo.

A couple days later this great action photo showed up on Facebook. 

Thank you Ashley Tibery and Our Town Upland!

That was all I'd come for, so I just went home, took a short nap and waited for the arrival of two grandsons coming to spend the night.
We had a fun time with Zion and Jude. I introduced Zion to a Let's Make Art watercolor tutorial. He picked the Piggy Pig out of many, many options because it had seemingly fewer lines and looked easier. It was probably more challenging than we expected but we had fun! I had missed doing watercolor, so thank you, Zion!

Jude preferred to explore the new video game he got for his birthday. We also played a couple games together.

Sunday morning Zion made us eggs for breakfast while Jude, showered and ready for church, continued to conquer some of the objectives of his game!

After church we needed to help Diane with a couple of malfunctions, so we drove to her apartment in Marion and then took her out to eat. Can you tell where?

Next week we're looking forward to a bit of travel to visit relatives in Wisconsin. It will be nice to get away. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your interesting wk with us. Excited with you all regarding the house project. We will look forward to seeing it next summer. All the family interaction is so lovely as we lack our family nearby. Have another blessed week, Rita.

  2. Culvers!!! I love their frozen custard - it's a good thing there's not one near us.


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