Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day Three-Grandma Camp

Our youngest member was the first one up, even after a bad night--crying for mommy and daddy, wetting the bed and a hard time falling asleep. There was time for a rock in the hammock and even a nap with Grandma before waking the others.

Bacon, eggs and a waffle made everybody happy this morning.

Our Bible reading was about the second time God appeared to Solomon (I Kings 9:1-9) in a dream to give him a strong warning (like OJO in Spanish, "Watch out"): If you are honest and follow Me, Iwill keep my promises and more, but if you turn away from Me and my commands and follow after other gods, then...

So, we talked about choices, and things like 'other gods' that could draw us away, trap us. We mentioned the danger of addictions. Skye said, "It's like we should be addicted to Jesus."

Later, this evening before bed we read about Solomon's downfall (I Kings 11: 4-11).

"How could the wisest man on earth go wrong?" asked Malachi.

"Even knowing the right thing to do, he still had to choose," I said.

We talked about the the alliances with foreign nations, the many women from other countries that slowly turned his heart away. He had a "largeness of heart", a very open mind, accepting and tolerant and allowed himself to be led away.

Skye explained about the God-wall illustration at camp and how taking one step at a time toward something that seems no big deal at the time, pretty soon one could have walked away from God. He does not walk away from us.

Well, our adventure of the morning was to explore the woods. And sure enough one step at a time we wandered into unfamiliar territory and could no longer recognize the landmarks. We were lost and did not know which way to turn. Finally we came out on a road and realized we had cut clear through to the other side of our block and would have to walk a mile and a half to get back around.

I, Grandma, decided to jog ahead and drive back for the others. Uncle Stephan arrived when I was almost home and came to our rescue.

The other special visitors came all the way from Denver, Colorado--my brother Aldo and wife Alice. We had a great visit while Elijah napped and the big boys played at Taylor Lake.

Then we all went to Ivanhoe's. Oh, and Aunt Karen and Grandpa joined us too.

So another good day is over.

Tomorrow we go to the Fort Wayne zoo. A big day, we need our sleep. Good night.

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