Monday, July 7, 2008

The Rest of the Story

Day five was rainy and more restful, as much as possible with three young boys: movies; naps; a long walk to the gravel pit where the big boys unwittingly got in trouble trespassing on the sand dunes and then had to write a note of apology to Mr. Himelick; and a Lego building session.

During Bible time we learned of the torn kingdom. Jeroboam got the larger portion, the 10 tribes of Israel. And Rehoboam was left with two. He wanted to go fight, but God said "NO" and this time he listened and stayed home.

Elijah changed into his swimming trunks every time he heard the word 'camping'. So by evening we began packing in anticipation.

I think the Charles Deam wilderness camping event on Monroe Reservoir will be "Grandpa Camp." So I will sign off. The rest of the experience can best be enjoyed via Snapfish slide show.

We did continue the Jeroboam saga. Sadly, after a good start he became more concerned about his popularity and began to set his own rules--new feast dates and places of worship, priests from any tribe, and worst of all golden calves! God sent a prophet to warn him and even a sign, when the altar split in half. Haughty Jeroboam raised his hand to order his arrest and his arm began to shrivel up! Then he finally cried out for help and healing. Our prayer was that it would not take such drastic divine intervention to get our attention.

Well, Grandma camp is over. Will we do this again? If God wills...and maybe not so long!

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