Thursday, July 3, 2008

Zoo Day

It was Diane's idea to go to the Fort Wayne zoo.
(Diane is Mike's little sister. She is in her 50's, enjoys living in an apartment alone now, appreciates the staff from Carey Services that make it possible. And most days she is OK with with working at the workshop. She writes me an e-mail every week and then calls to make sure I read it.)
Everyone was up early and excited to go. We picked up Matt, Kayla's friend, and set the GPS to take us to Diane's in Marion and then entered the address of the zoo. Off we went following the directions given by a voice we named Cindy.
The zoo was packed, or at least the parking lots. The weather was perfect and sunny. We sort of naturally separated into three groups and met back at the entrance at appointed times, like lunch and for departure.

Because I walked with Diane or ran after Elijah, my photos are of them or him with the animals real and fake.

Diane offered to take Elijah on the caroussel and they both enjoyed the ride.

A crock pot meal of green beans, sausage and potatoes welcomed us home.
Grandma was too exhausted to oversee evening activities, so the kids own creative imagination took over. The teams took turns putting on "science shows" outdoors, and later variety shows styled after the talent or dance reality programs that have become so popular these days.

One act was a song and dance dressed like Grandma (when she was young and could fit into those dresses!)

Oh, yes, we did have a pre zoo Bible talk. It was about Jeroboam, a very capable young man That Solomon noticed and chose to lead some of his work crews, but then became suspicious of and tried to kill after God let him know that because of his disobedience the kingdom would be taken from him.
It is already Thursday, day 5, and raining...
Stay tuned for the rest of the story. What does God have for us today?

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