Saturday, February 7, 2009

Creative Fun

A new month, another week.
Don't you just love the calendar holder by creative Chef-son ?
Each family received their own uniquely crafted gift for Christmas.

Day 2: I had to explain Groundhog Day to my estudiantitas. She wanted her photo taken with the famous rodent. I learned a couple things in the process: marmota is Spanish for groundhog, and their dientes just keep growing and breaking off!

Oh! And the official word from Phamous Phil is: 6 more weeks of winter.
So there you have it. Why not enjoy it?

The family decided to build a snow camel.

Chef-son, the sculptor is detailing the face.
Grandson Skye

Skye and Kayla's first ever camel ride.

Granddaughter Kayla

Is she just a younger version of her mother? That's what everyone says. But how can you tell from these photos alone?

Daughter Leah is her mother and this is my absolute favorite baby picture. (Read her story in the earlier post.)

Baby Leah
She was wearing a red fine-corduroy outfit. I think I still see fear in her eyes. I look at her raised finger and remember that when we first saw her, at three and a half months lying in a hospital crib, she was playing with her fingers. The room was bare, no toys, and she was the sole occupant. Even now her hands are very important. Her long fingers can create something artistic out of most anything. And, like some of our creative bloggers, she isn't happy unless she is creating.


Elizabeth said...

That is a really cute baby picture...

Kim said...

Leave it up to the Kochs to come up with something WAY more interesting than a snowman! That's the best snow camel I've ever seen :-)

Such fun pictures this week! And thanks for teaching me a new Spanish word.

darla said...

thanks for visiting my blog, i love to meet new project 365ers! great pictures this week!