Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life Glimpses

At the beginning of Week 8 I finished the Christmas aprons project. Kayla and I had decided to include ourselves and chose appropriate fabric, but we did not feel so compelled to finish sewing our own aprons in time for the gift exchange. There must be some credit for not giving up. I for one, have really enjoyed wearing mine this week. I love the three big pockets that I can fill up with odds and ends I pick up and then put away. I like the marsupial concept!

So Mike's apron was finished for our anniversary and mine for Valentine's Day so we could take a joint photo. My dear one's photo won out and so made it into the blog as did his deer photo. These beautiful creatures have visited us almost every day this week. We watch them out our kitchen window.

Some of my dear little students brought belated Valentines and gifts. The bottom one especially made me smile--"...we will not forgive you..." Does God smile and enjoy our faulty expressions of love too?

My true love is home every evening now. He gave up his work with the robotics team that he had mentored so faithfully for so long. His heart was no longer in it, he was experiencing burn out.

Now he relaxes creating beautiful pottery while listening to my piano playing. Wow, I feel very honored that he even asks me to play and enjoys my attempts at making music.
I do believe he will soon fill up all our window sills with his art!

Another ongoing event this week is the ANGEM Tour of California with Lance Armstrong participating along with all the cycling greats we've come to 'know' over the years of extreme 'fandom'. You've got to understand that Mike is an avid rider and when the Tour de France is on every year the banner goes up on our house and life revolves around the watching of the famous race as part of our daily routine. He also travels with his buddies to a cycling event nearly every year and in fact, almost five years ago now, his life was spared in a serious cycling accident.
The following photo may seem totally unrelated, however it is a reminder of the special Sunday viewings when our fellow-cycling-fans come over to watch several recorded stages and we eat waffles. Brutus, the cat not being as interested in the exciting event cuddled up on one of our friend's lap and purred away as the rest of us chattered non stop.

No photo to commemorate my accomplishment for the week, but here it is in words, almost as a confession--the Christmas stuff is finally put away!

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Kim said...

What cute aprons! I used to rarely wear them, now I almost always do when working in the kitchen. Not sure if it's a sign of apron appreciation or that I've just gotten a lot messier over the years.

Enjoyed all your photos. Tell Mike when he's done filling up your window sills, he can start on mine :-)