Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daily Doubles

Most days I needed two photos to tell what was important to remember. Maybe I just can't make up my mind.

SUNDAY. A week ago today M and I went to visit my Dad in a Health Care facility. Due to a minor stroke his right foot buckles under and he can no longer walk unaided. His cheery disposition and humorous comebacks go a long way to make up for the advancing memory losses.

Mother is very guapa. In my day, or at least in Argentina, that meant a woman with extraordinary fortitude, or so I understood it. Today it refers to good looks. At 87 she has both. She spends a major portion of each day going back and forth to spend time with Dad.
Here you see her very excited about her first cell phone.

Remember MNMs at Chef-son's? As usual we laughed, ate and shared together. Two memorable weekend events dominated the evening: Chris and Rachael's engagement and Stephan's 5th in the nation placement at the NICA competition.

Here, our happy South African friend Chris is entertaining one of the younger attendees of MNM.

And the centerpieces you see are master ice carver's many awards.


My man and my brother meet to discuss options for the parentals. Here at brother's rebuilt and expanded auto shop, quite an impressive set up. He reminded us of the two year anniversary of "Global warming"--the fire that damaged Global Auto!

Stopped by daughter's place after school and got to meet a new grand pet, granddaughter Kayla's hamster--Moe. Does that make it my great grand pet?

The granddogs are very curious.

Me enjoying Mexican vegetable soup in the home of a couple 7th grade students after school, obviously not my photography.
These twins, after only three or four years in the USA are on the honor role. They begged me to come help them with their Reading Counts. We read a couple chapters of Old Yeller together, explaining and laughing.
Little sister is sooo cute.

We awoke to a beautiful dusting of snow. I had to capture it while it lasted.
How do you like our winter garden? The rotating hanging garden system still has some bugs to be worked out, not only mechanical issues but also gardening aspects. Spindly tho' they be, we are harvesting lettuce, spinach, parsley, and my favorite--cilantro!

And, finally, my favorite porch swing--reminder of happy moments and more to come, in spring.


darla said...

i'm like you, i can't always choose just 1 picture! i want to remember so much more! :)

fransmomma said...

wow! what a beautiful porch and swing!!

sara said...

I can't always choose one picture either....but there are no pick as many as you want!! :)

and as to your question, yes, please link up each week so we can all enjoy your pictures!

have a great week!