Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phone Photos

The camera was sent away to be repaired, so I was forced to learn how to use my new cell phone for taking photos, sending, uploading, and all that stuff. That's why I'm late posting (if anyone happened to miss me).

I will try to show the week's goings and comings.

The first Saturday I enjoyed being with grandson Elijah. I hadn't been there for a while, so he had to show me all his new things: new bunk bed with desk and newly arranged room; almost all his toys, including a baby doll named Twinkle Star; his books and DVD's. I had a great time being brought up to speed on this little guy's world.

My work week takes me to four schools. One of them is like my base where I have a whole classroom and a computer, and spend two to three hours there every day. Here's a glimpse of a small little treasured spot I see on my desk every day.

When I look up, in the back of the room I see the Argentine flag and it brings back many memories.
Most of the students that come to me for help have a Mexican background and are not very aware of the Hispanic world beyond their borders. I am educating them by displaying the map of Argentina and many items from around the world.
One student decided to wear the gaucho hat while testing, for good luck perhaps?

The second weekend, I spent with Mother and we visited Dad several times, always at meal times.

Dad is frail and failing in many ways, but still has a good appetite and a great sense of humor. Here are some of his comebacks:
Nurse: Could I have your arm, please?
--But I need it.
Someone else: How are you?
--I'm on a sit-down strike.
--Did you sleep well?
--I didn't stay awake long enough to find out.

Mother wanted me to play the piano for Dad and the other Healthcare residents during their evening meal. Several thanked me, but the best part was Dad's concentration with head bowed enjoying the music.
Though his voice is feeble, his faith remains strong.
Hear his heartfelt prayer:
"Thank you, Lord, for Thy wonderful goodness.
Help us to be more appreciative day after day."
If you think of us, pray for the decisions we have to make regarding his long-term care.


Lhoyt said...

Thank you, Rita, for all the extra time you are spending with Dad. I know it means a lot to Mother, and who knows, maybe to Dad, also.


P.S. Enjoyed the pictures, and yes, you are missed when you don't get a chance to 'blog'.

Elizabeth said...

thanks for sharing the tidbits of the humorous conversation Grandpa has with others...and thank you for spending time with him and Grandma... I wish I were closer to help out but atleast we will be coming to visit in May.
Love, Lizzie

Kathy said...

Aunt Rita;
It is great to hear that Grandpa still has a sense of humor! I am also very thankful that he still has an understanding of God and his GREATNESS. I am really looking forward to visiting all of you in May and especially Grandpa and Grandma. We will have to arrange things with you once the time gets closer!
I will continue to pray for Grandpa and Grandma! Thank you for keeping us posted and for giving of your time sacrificially.

sara said...

I love his comebacks!! So glad you can spend so much time with him.

I will be praying for your decisions...we are making some of the same for my Aunt.