Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 10: Competition Week

What a big week for two of our family members: the competitions they've been diligently preparing for all year!
Son Steph was in Fairbanks, Alaska, participating in the World Ice Art Championships This link takes you to the daily photos. In the group picture, he is in the lower right. Each team of four sculptors, worked 50,000 lbs of ice into amazing pieces of art. Tour the whole ice park online and be amazed!
DIL Karen joined him part way through the week and kept us updated as well. She was privileged to witness the final challenge when the crane lifted them in a basket to attach the last piece. In her word: "Watching Stephan and Stan fuse the last tentacle on 28' in the air was amazing and a little scary. I know I'm biased, but I do think theirs was one of the most stunning pieces in the competition due to its height, delicacy, and use of negative space."
The other big event was the granddaughter's dance competition. She had two solo entries, ballet and lyrical. Not many choose the most challenging--on pointe. Last time K entered, she was the only one we saw on pointe and due to the level of difficulty only earned a bronze. This year it was a gold!
My camera arrived back just in time, that is why my Project 365 collection feature our ballerina almost exclusively. Proud Grandma had to bend the rules of the game this week.

Cameras were not allowed in the Ballroom, so no action photos only shots of the nervous moments prepping and waiting.

After, with proud Grandpa.
Other memories of this week pale in comparison. I think I'll save the routine photos for next week. See ya' then!


Kim said...

How fun to finally catch up on your blog! Loved all the photos from the past several posts. Wasn't able to follow Stephan's competition as we were at conference, but last night after we came home I looked at all the sculptures. Wow!

Happy Mama said...

Well, congratulations to both.
I have never seen the Ice Art Championships. Beautiful. I would never be able to do that though, because I am always cold, even in Summer.;-)
Dance always gives me goosebumps (in a good sense). My 4 y.0. daughter is starting dance lessons this Summer.

Oh yes, 8th of March...It wasn't too bad after all: