Friday, March 13, 2009

Stephan Alan

It was a dark and snowy night...

The time had come.

We made our way to the little hospital in the next village.

Our doctor is out of town?
Do you have anyone who speaks English?

There is a midwife but you are out of her area.

A phone call later, Frau Härtl came into our lives, ministered comfort, determined that a Caesarian was imperative, found the best surgeon, stayed with us throughout AND saved our lives. Her training did not include spanking the baby to make it cry, however this little one needed that extra nudge. She was called back later, I was in crisis, hemorrhaging. Again she had to be firm, raise her voice, bring me back: YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY.
They also gave me blood, German blood that gave me a ruddy complexion for a while!

We are so grateful for the life of our firstborn and the years of joy, laughter and amazement.

Happy Birthday, Stephan!

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