Sunday, March 29, 2009

God is our Leader

This lamp symbolizes two things for me:
--it will always remind me of the dear friend I visited this weekend, a favorite touch in her house
--the lamp of God's Word that sheds light on our path

Well, I said I would join Rachele's praise project every Thursday, and this was to be the first, but I was traveling in North Carolina and unable to connect to the internet. I wrote a paragraph anyway and here it is.

When the Israelites were traveling and camping for 40 years, they had God leading them in a very obvious and visible way. There was no doubt about the next move or the length of their stay in one campsite.
I was asking God for clear guidance regarding two questions, one more long term than the other:
What to do this week of spring break and whether to retire this year or keep working.
Circumstances, voices, leadings added up day by day and here I am in NC with granddaughter K, after a nine hour drive, in response to a persistent desire to visit a dear friend from 40+ years ago.
Before I left home, I was pressed by a phone call from Social Security to state my intent before the week was over, the decision became clear to both of us.
The future lies open with changes ahead and God our leader goes before us. Even if not by cloud or fire, He will show the way.


Kim said...

So what's it to be? Everyone I know who retires always gets so busy that within six months they wonder how they ever had time for a job! :-)

Sounds like you had a great trip south. Any more photos from the journey?

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Amen, that is so right Rita. Thank you for joining in praising His name!!! I read on a stone in Lifeway a quote I just love, "Just enough Light for the step I am on". I loved it! and i love that He is Light!