Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 11: Project 365

Artistic Expressions:
More and more pieces of pottery appear daily.
Creativity abounds.
I am very drawn to this poster and its message.
I see it at one of the schools I visit weekly.

I also see this decorative figure at one of the schools.
Lately it reminds me that spring break is almost here--a time for well-earned recreation.

Last week I wrote about Ice Art Alaska.
Here is Stephan's team's masterpiece: a sperm whale attacking a squid.

Today we celebrated his birthday and heard all about the exciting Alaska adventure.

Then we went out for a walk in the woods to admire God's handiwork.
The granddogs, Gryffin and Gracie, love coming to Grandma's.
They start yelping their excitement as soon as the car turns on our road.
See them rolling in the leaves; this is after they swam in the pond.

Yet another artistic pleasure: our friend Chris playing the piano.

Now check out other artistic expressions at Sara's, our Project 365 hostess.
And don't forget to live out your worship this week--that is true art.

1 comment:

Kim said...

The "granddogs" cracked me up. I call Leo and Bailey that! LOL

The leap frog statue is adorable. Our library in Jonesville has two kids sitting on a bench, reading a book.