Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project 365: Week 24

Somewhat Random Fun Times

The above photo may be out of sequence or may even belong to another week, but I like it. While Malachi's game was in progress, Elijah got some practice time in with Mommy Kristie.

A week ago today, was Kayla's BIG day, the long awaited yearly dance recital. She had umpteen parts in the looooong program, had to change some eight times, and danced so beautifully. We couldn't take pictures during the show, but Leah took us back to the dressing room for the last transformation from gorgeous Cinderella to wacky crazy zombie, so these are the only photos I have.

Monday Night Dinner at Stephan 'n Karen's, I love to see their cottage-style flower garden, something new every time.

And I love Indiana sunsets...

Now here I am experiencing city life, in Cincinnati since Tuesday, and leaving next Tuesday. Seven 8 hr days of work as an AP Spanish exam reader, actually listener. This time around I was assigned to Speaking.

So, what else have I done here in the city?
I tried the swimming pool one night, that was energizing, a bit cool at first.

Went for a walk with my roommate across the river to Newport, KY, to the Italian festival, and enjoyed the riverfront views and downtown Friday evening fun, music, people and ice cream.

Saturday after work I rushed back to my room because a good friend from Monday Night crowd is in the area with her family and was picking me up for dinner at their house. The elevators were so crowded that I decided to try the stairs, all 15 flights!

Needless to say the steak dinner with the McGuire family was utterly delightful! They were celebrating a family birthday and a 40th anniversary and just enjoying one another. I was so very privileged to be in their midst.

The birthday person, Gina's brother, is an editor and author. I so enjoyed reading his first children's book and admiring his art. Check it out yourself, Rainy Day Games by Andy McGuire.

And what were my little ones doing while I was gone yesterday? I received this phone message on my cell phone. Looks like they're having fun!

I suspect the rest of you Project 365ers have been having lots of fun as well. I think I'll go over to Sara's and find out!


Kim said...

Amazing what a lot of stage makeup can do! :-) All good photos that do a great job summing up your week. Have a good couple days finishing up the AP job!

sara said...

sounds like a great week all the way around!!!

skoots1mom said...

looks like fun to me

TCKK said...

Looks like you had a great week. That last picture is soooo cute!!

Darla said...

looks like a fun week! i would love to go to Ohio!