Wednesday, June 17, 2009


...our dear friends, the McMullins

Three weeks ago, we were on our way to Wisconsin to celebrate the life of Randy. A little over a year ago we did the same for Marlene. It is still hard to believe they are both gone, absent from this earth. They had been so full of life. Their home always a beehive of activity, ever involved in giving to others, especially missionaries.

When I got back from Cincinatti, I found this photo. The family sent it along with a couple of documents dated June 10, 1982.

The photo was probably the last one taken together, some 10 years ago. They were passing through our area. The visit was brief, the fellowship sweet. We always shared deeply. Never even a thought of the parting to come. How sobering to look ahead and think of all the goodbyes that await us, maybe our own.

The documents we had signed and left with the McMullins on one of our short furloughs from the ship ministry, were our wills. I had totally forgotten about this step of preparadness for such an event. Our children are grown up so they no longer need to go to Nocha and Dallas if we die.

All the reminiscing got me thinking about starting the Memory Monday posts with the Omro chapter of our journey. Check out the first entry next week.

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