Monday, June 29, 2009

Memory Monday and More

More back-in-the-Omro-days photos:
slimmer versions of ourselves, and a toothless one of little now-Americanized Leah (actually this may be her kindergarten photo)

Not much to add this time. But Leah and all who have memories of those days may add comments below. That would round out this post as I don't have time to do so this week nor will I have access to internet.
Tomorrow we are all (us two + Amaia, Kayla, Skye) leaving for Cornerstone Festival in Illinois. Others in our family circle are attending as well. Sam & Kristie begin work at the World Coffees tent. Stephan and Karen will arrive a couple days later as he has been sand sculpting in Niles, MI all weekend.
This happens to be the week that my devotions appear in the Light from the Word
I will surely miss reading your thoughts!
¡Hasta entonces, amigos!


Kim said...

Okay, this is really weird. I've checked your blog every day on the chance you had found internet access and posted something. Nada. And then suddenly today (Sunday, July 5th) I can see your post from this past Monday. What is wrong with my computer?!

By the way, cute photos!

rita said...

Nothing wrong with YOUR computer. I tried to follow directions given to you by one of our blogger friends to preset the date and time for posting. It should have automatically appeared Monday 6 a.m. Well, I got back home expecting beaucoup comments waiting for me, but the blog post was not even there! What did I do wrong???