Monday, July 6, 2009

Project 365: Week 27

Cornerstone Music Festival

Our campsite was located in a pleasant area under large trees fairly distant from the LOUD music. (Did I fail to mention the 35 stages and 500 bands!!!) Our group consisted of our entire family, minus Leah and Jimmy, + Amaia + another family of friends. Sam and family were able to borrow an RV which became the center of our camp, especially the last day when it rained for 24 hours! (Thank you, Alan and Sharon!) Well, the kitchen tent was central most of the time.
The other favorite hang out was the Alliance World Coffees tent where Sam & Kristie worked their four hour daily shifts. We played games there--chess, dominoes, corn toss.
Our favorite musician and family friend, Josh Garrels, performed three times and was a must see/hear. We were blessed and moved by his unique music and meaningful lyrics.

We walked many miles all week, back and forth and up and down--to the midway, the concerts, the merchant tent, the showers, the skatepark, the beach, the main stage.

Sam used to own a skateboard shop and park. He skated a little at C'stone, never enough for someone who loved skating since adolescence.

Another musician privileged us with a private concert because we had missed her public performance. The setting was unique, friends gathered by their bus-home, babies and little ones crawling around. Charity's songs have a lively beat and a meaningful message.

Mike had his potter's wheel set up in a corner of the food tent and enjoyed throwing a few pots himself and giving lessons to friend Gina who discovered she is a natural.
Daddy long legs were everywhere and Amaia was terrified of them. Can you even see the one Skye is holding?
Games, games and more games! Spoons was the wildest.
On their way to go swimming and canoeing. So much fun to be had...until the last day when the rain dampened our world but not our spirits.
We left that day as planned, before the others. On the way we began smelling gas. It grew worse, nauseating, it was a severe gas leak. I prayed for protection, for an angel or messenger from God to help us out. At the next gas station we were directed to Earl's garage. So on a holiday, the evening of the 4th of July we arrived and were greeted by a very kind and helpful man. It turned out we were carrying too much weight which was crushing the fuel line. We left some of our gear and two bicycles there to be picked up at a later date. We were an hour away from home.

Finally, on the 5th we went to a rescheduled rained-out fireworks display in the neighboring town. That completed our week beautifully!


Darla said...

looks like lots of fun! 500 bands? i cannot even imagine!

☼Karen☼ said...

It was a good time. I notice Stephan and I aren't in any of the photos!