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This week I have been processing one of the Cornerstone experiences--the outdoor Art Pilgrimage. Every morning art expert, Nancy Hughes, offered a walk/critique. Finally on the last day, the hottest unfortunately, I was able to join the group of walkers interested in learning more about the works of art and art itself. Nancy shared so much from her wealth of knowledge and experience: about art, materials, methods, techniques, history, and always a spiritual insight as well.
The theme of this year's Burning Brush, the visual arts branch of Cornerstone, was the Parables of Jesus. The path, lined on both sides with a variety of works of art, was patterned after the early church tradition of the stations of the cross, each stopping point meant to be an opportunity for meditation. Nancy urged us to take this walk alone and do just that. She further encouraged us to approach art in general more thoughtfully, i.e. spend more time examining the piece and drawing meaning from it, than reading about it.
It is with that in mind that I would like to share photos regularly of each one of the stations, allow us time to think about it, and then summarize our thoughts a few days or even a week later.

First, I wondered if I would be allowed. There was no indication that we could not photograph the art. Blog about it, is that OK?
Secondly, I looked up a book my father sent me a couple years ago, The Parables: Understanding What Jesus Meant by Gary Inrig. I will never know why he chose to do that, seemingly out of the blue, or what may have impacted him about the book if and when he read it, but I pick it up now as my next Bible study focus.

I write this to get started, often the hardest step, to be held accountable to this commitment, and to begin a conversation on the subject whereby we all benefit. However, I do not know how to go about making those fancy blog buttons, nor hosting with Mr. Linky. I am simply leaping out there by faith.
The introductory photo, just to whet your appetite, shows the two art pieces at the beginning of the walkway, the first and the last in the pilgrimage.

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  1. Will look forward to the photos and posts! What an interesting concept. The other day as we were reading in the O.T. (a minor prophet) I was struck by the imagery (sp?) and am afraid I became distracted thinking about how to translate the prophet's vision into an art quilt or collage.


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