Monday, July 27, 2009

Project 365: Week 30

From Birthday to Birthday, Campus to Campus, Hellos and Goodbys

My SIL commented that we pack a lot into a week.
Amaia's last week with us was certainly NO exception, and there is NO lack of photos.
I've chosen the most representative ones.


A tour of Taylor University, including the bookstore, of course, to purchase a TU sweatshirt.
The Memorial Prayer Chapel is beautiful, built in memory of the five who lost their lives in the terrible accident three years ago that received national attention due to a mistaken identity.

In the afternoon we celebrated Amaia's 16th birthday a day early with the other Basque students and their host families. Her parents and sister were 'present' via the cake photo.

The youth went to Cedar Point: the Roller Coaster Capital of the World!
I did NOT go. I have no photos for that day.

Family and friends began arriving for our Family Day!
Here the grandboys are introducing friend David to Moe, Kayla's guinea pig who was with us for a month.

The day was looking very gray, the weather forecast was not very definite. We were determined to make the best of it and enjoy our day on & in the water.

The sun never came out. We were wet and cold, but the water was warm and we had a lot of fun: jumping, sliding, tubing, fishing, talking, eating, just being together!

The Basque students prepared (with help!) and served us a farewell dinner, Basque style, with several courses: pinchos (appetizers); salad, a vinagrette dressing and bread; tortilla de patata (potato omelet); steak; Basque cake.
Each had written a thank you note for their host family. These were very meaningful. We also shared what we had enjoyed about them and our time together.
After the meal we acquired another 'daughter' for the remaining couple days. Her host family needed to leave early for their vacation in order to visit a sick grandmother.

We took the girls to Indiana Wesleyan University especially for Amaia to learn about the pre-med program. She wants to be a pediatrician, both her parents are doctors. Irati was introduced to the pre-law program.

We said our goodbys at the Fort Wayne airport. Here one of the last glimpses as they were going through security.

Today we learned that their plane was delayed three hours and they missed their intercontinental connection and had to spend the night in Dallas. Earlier this afternoon I phoned the family, Amaia had only been back three hours--tired, happy, and a few pounds healthier!

We arrived back just in time for Skye's 12th birthday celebration.
What do you think of that cake?

The daughter always comes up with unique party ideas!
Not the end of our packed week yet, we took two younger grandboys home for the night so Sam & Kristie could look at vans to replace the work vehicle or the transmission in the old one.
Four year old's side of phone conversation overheard the next day:
--Hi, Mommy! First, did you have fun?
--I had really fun!
Grandma is always happy to hear that.
Another truthful statement the day before:
--Your house is a little bit dirty (as he pointed out spots on the carpet and spider webs in the corners.
I have my work cut out for me! Is this retirement or what?
Hope you understand why I'm late posting to Sara's circle of 'virtual yet real' friends.
How was your week?

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Kim said...

Oh my, I had to laugh at the "your house is a bit dirty" -- of course, little guys see things from a perspective much closer to that floor. LOL Plus, they have sharper eyesight than us "more mature" folk.

Sounds like another fun-filled week. What are you going to do with company gone... anything exciting coming up on the calendar? Or do you have a date with cobwebs? :-)