Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project 365: Week 29

The week was somewhat quieter, after the grandboys left ;)
They were with us a couple of days and we had lots of fun like loads of water rides and slides at the Splash House. No wonder they were so hungry.

Also every day this week...the Tour de France!

I managed a couple of shots of the unique welcome the French have prepared for the Tour.

Those spectators need to be more careful though. They get too close to the speedy cyclists.
Our own family 'celebrity' rode 168 miles yesterday in the RAIN, no I do not mean wet precipitation, in fact the weather was the best possible combination of mild temperatures and favorable wind direction. All the good fortune must have come from wearing the Basque team jersey Amaia brought him from her country!

The other ongoing event was Camp Invention.
Skye and 90+ others enjoyed taking obsolete gadgets apart and designing new contraptions.

I debated whether to post one of their inventions, but
chose to show his favorite accomplishment, making a new friend.
Yesterday, we were excited to have Amaia back from Camp.
The girls enjoyed making the BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!
And we were very happy to eat them!

We begin our last week with Amaia and have something planned for every day, including celebrating her 16th birthday. I think there will be way too many photos to choose from next week. Do come back and visit, and don't forget Sara & friends!


Elizabeth said...

wow... great pictures... sounds like you had a really fun week...
that water park look like alot of fun...
Camp Invention - what a great idea...
and finish off the week with chocolate chip cookies...who could ask for a better finish!

☼Karen☼ said...

How cool that Amaia brought Mike a jersey! And yes, the cookies were very nice. I'm glad I got to be there for that!

Kim said...

You sure pack a lot into a week! :-)
Fun photos. Great job on the ride, Mike! Please pass me one of those cookies :-)

Darla said...

great photos! that water park looks like alot of are always up to something aren't you? i am impressed. great week!

sara said...

that water park looks so fun! I can't wait to have grandkids and do things like that!!!

two of my kiddos made choc. chip cookies this week too....i was also more than happy to eat them!!!

great week!