Saturday, July 18, 2009

Riddled with God

Another view of #1 station in the Art Pilgrimage mentioned in yesterday's post along with the plaque.

Sometime next week I will add my comments and incorporate your thoughts if there are any, responses that is. (I know you are thinking!)

For now, I will briefly add a few points made by the author of The Parables in his Preface.

Some of Jesus parables or stories are meant to illumine and others to veil a truth, hide it from those whose response determines they are destined for judgment. So, if we are open to see/hear the point of the parable, it will illumine or shed light on our condition, and on the divine remedy. Like a mirror to see ourselves, and like a window into God's heart. "Self-recognition without a divine provision would bring only discouragement." (p 7)

I wonder what we will see of ourselves and God in this art form?

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Kim said...

I've always loved batiks and this is stunning. It's wonderfully illustrative (is that a word?) of the combined concepts of a seed and growing as a person. I'm going to have to mull on it, though, because that's a rather obscure passage, tucked between the lamp-under-a-basket and the mustard-seed-parables. What does it mean exactly? "the seed sprouts and grows, he knows not how" and "The earth produces by itself..." Hmmmmm... (thinking cap is being put on).