Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 Week 8: Where's the food?

While Sara has tried to stay away from food-blogging for ONE whole week, I decided to try to include food ONE whole week. The idea was that I am inspired by the foodies out there and wanted to do better in that area of my life. And even though I have cooked more and washed more dishes in retirement than I had in a long time, I don't have much to show for it this week. Can you find something food related in my photos this week? It is almost like asking Where's Waldo?!

Monday, Small Town Runner announced the haiku contest winners and I was a runner up!


Nothing edible here? That's what the deer were thinking!
Thanks to them I won Burt's Bees hand soap and lip gloss for my haiku.

Pre-dawn visitors
criss crossing fresh fallen snow
watching warily.

"This one got extra points for alliteration. I like how Rita doesn't come out and say who or what the pre-dawn visitors are." Karen's comments.


DIL served tacos and Spanish rice at Monday Meal.
She raved about the grapefruit she'd been devouring since purchasing an 18 lb. bag.

State-of-the-desk report: some new comfort items--a citrus snack, the Argentina poster and history book. 
If you can tell me what Garfield is consuming I will send you a sample (family not eligible for giveaway ;).
For my memoir project I have decided to focus on my years growing up in Argentina.


We are enjoying breakfasts together in our retirement, unheard of before.
During robot-building season, that is sometimes the only meal we have together.
And, we continue to make our way through the Old Testament, one or two chapters a day; always something new and interesting.

I visited my wheel-chair-bound friend and took her her favorite from our famous local restaurant, Ivanhoe's--a pizzaburger.
We set up a folding table, she brought out a little tablecloth and we enjoyed our sandwiches and Moose Tracks sundae with sugar-free frozen yogurt.
Notice we both have our craft items along. I continue to knit socks and she is always crocheting something exquisite.

Only five photos?!
Plenty happening, just didn't take pictures--a ladies night out at the church, we watched Pride and Prejudice (hilarious with subtitles; "birds chirping" was a constant); spoke at another ladies gathering  using some of the Art Pilgrimage photos and comments. A good week.
And Mike's finger is healing. 


Rita said...

Your food photos look great - not only yummy, but I love the presentations. Very inviting. I'd probably actually sit down to eat more often if my meals looked like that! Of course, put a book next to about anything and I'll sit down for it!

sara said...

ok, is garfield drinking mate?

so cool that Mike graduated from JBU! I really think Jason will end up there.

great food shots this week!!! and I think I made it without one! ha!

Amy said...

Love the food shots!! Especially the Spanish rice, yum. Breakfast together sounds heavenly, I love it when we get the chance.

Great pictures this week.


Kim said...

Go Rita with the food photos! :-) I especially liked the little citrus snack in your clean-desk-photo-of-the-week. We picked up some Valencia oranges last week and are enjoying them. Yum!

Is that a quilted tablecloth on your breakfast table? It's very pretty!

You weren't alone in missing some days of photo taking. I was especially sad to miss the night we had the Jorges and families over. Oh well.

I haven't been consuming what Garfield is, because the last bag we bought wasn't very good. I'm waiting for Ivan to finish and get some more good stuff :-)

Angie's Ad Lib said...

What great photo set ups! Loved the uniqueness of each picture. Now I have to go eat breakfast; you've made me hungry. :)

Tori said...

Your photos are fantastic this week! I love the various placemats. Did you quilt them?
The grapefruit made my mouth water. YUM!!
Super week!!

LuAnn said...

Nice pictures this week. Your spanish rice looks awesome.
I wait for the day that my husband and I will eat breakfast together.

Darla said...

i love all of your food posts, i have been trying not to post anything far so good. yours all look pretty healthy to say the least.

i think it's great that you and your husband had breakfast together too, we should all make more time for that. great week in photos Rita.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Boy, you DID bring on the food, didn't you?!
Tacos. Yummmmmm....
The pizzaburger is a new one on me. Interesting.
Great week! Enjoy those breakfasts with your hubby! I think that's precious and so look forward to those moments with my own!

Cathy said...

I love the little table setting with the burgers with your friend.

The Bug said...

Great pictures this week - but my favorite is the snow & trees. Very pretty!

Now I'm going to go see if you revealed what Garfield was drinking!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the little tablecloth with lunch for your friend...

Lhoyt said...

That's cool,an Argentine Garfield! Back in the 70's it was all about the Pink Panther.