Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Hard to believe, this is the third snow day!
Our drive is clear, thanks to my hardworking hubby and the beautiful sunshine, but otherwise the snow remains pretty much the same.

Our DIL posted a winter haiku contest. We've been having fun fitting our wintry thoughts and images into words and verses. You could too. Go to Small Town Runner's blog and enter yours.

As I was researching for tomorrow's Art Pilgrimage follow-up comments, I came across a collage by the same artist, Nate Denlinger, entered another earlier year in the Cornerstone Festival art exhibition with the theme The Names of God.

Jehovah Nathe Menuchah: The LORD Who Gives Rest

It's not a winter scene, but I do think of snow days as restful. All mothers out there are saying, "Yah, that's 'cause you don't have any kids at home anymore." That's true. And not even grandkids. In fact, the only way I know it is another snow day is because the grandson didn't come sauntering in around 2:40. Already miss him.
Wherever you are, try to enjoy this winter!

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