Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday Follow-up (on Saturday)

When He Came To Himself

We read the scripture and the title chosen by the artist and see the collage on cardboard, framed and under glass which unfortunately reflects the surrounding campground.


The focal point of the picture seems to be the upper right hand corner. Nature and the repentant prodigal look in that direction. If I remember correctly, our tour guide art critic said it represented the heart of God.
This story is more commonly known as the parable of the prodigal son, but some commentators say a better title would be parable of the forgiving father, because it is the parable of the Father's heart. In other words, Jesus' main purpose was to describe His Father's love.
The sinner in the picture is adequately represented as finally recognizing his smallness before the Almighty and opening himself up to God's love. I love the choice of posture, it says so much about the sinner who comes to his senses: he recognizes and acknowledges God's greatness; he receives the freedom of sins forgiven; he  surrenders his whole being to serve and follow; and he welcomes the sunshine of God's love.

It is good for us to remember back to those times and circumstances that drove us to our senses and reflect on the Father's love.

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