Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 Week 15

Welcome home!

A new array of flowers greeted us outdoors and at least five bouquets indoors.
It was good to be home, but as I settled down to my next writing assignment those first days, I missed the table out in the sun at the Tennessee lodge.

I neglected to take any new photos on Monday, not even at Monday Night Meal.
However, on Tuesday, son and two boys dropped by and I got to visit with my gordito precioso.

Wednesday we were invited guests at an event honoring the late Rick Seaman, a beloved business professor at Taylor U whose widow has become a dear friend. It so happened that two of my second cousins, Roger and Karen, were there, outstanding alums whose parents passed away instantly in a terrible automobile accident almost three years ago. Roger Muselman and David Thomas, Karen's husband, were the speakers at this year's Richard Seaman lectureship. Both very good speakers, had a powerful message on stewardship. All in all, a wonderfully meaningful event.

Los primosRoger, Rita, Karen
(My mother and their father were first cousins. )

Another grouping of cousins--siblings that are my first cousins, our fathers were brothers.

Tres primos: Nelda, Rita, Stan
I saw them on my first trip to Tennessee for Aunt Rebecca's 90th birthday celebration. (Why am I always the shortest?)

Two events this week took me back to the old days of teaching.
Friday I attended the NACFLA conference held at nearby Anderson University this year. It was a day of fellowship with former colleagues and I heard some good presentations, choosing mostly sessions that could somehow apply to my current place in life. 
And today, Saturday, the Spanish club from Indiana Wesleyan had their spring cookout in our picnic area. I enjoyed talking to each one of them, new and former students. I am grateful that they feel free to keep coming.

Three former students

Continuing the three theme: I saw tres nietos on Friday.

Two sitting on the couch playing video games, and one watching his Baby Eisntein shows.

Do you suppose he will follow his grandpa's bicycling passion?
Mike has spent time this week watching the Basque Country's 50th bicycle tour/race.
And we now have our flight reservations for that region of Spain, June 1-16.


sara said...

love seeing signs of spring at every blog!!!

lots of great time with family this week!!!

you're going to Spain in June?!!! how fun!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love the table in the sun at the TN lodge... I want one of those at my house... maybe I will look into something like that to get this year.

Kim said...

Sorry to have to break it to you Rita, but you're the shortest in all the photos because you're...well, the shortest. LOL But remember that old saying: "Good things come in small packages!"

Lovely flowers! That bright bit of color bursting forth from the grays and browns of winter are SO welcomed!

Such fun photos of family, most we haven't seen in years!

I cannot get over how much Sam's boys look like him! :-) But maybe your "gordito precioso" will favor his mama.

Yay for tickets to Spain! So exciting -- we're expecting amazing photos for Project 365 then :-) Spain is a place I'd love to visit one of these years. For now I'll do it vicariously through you.

Have a great week!

Tori said...

Welcome home!
It was nice to see you in some photos this week!
I'm sure you're counting the days until Spain.
Have a super week!!

beckyjomama said...

LOVE the spring flowers!

Love all the pics of family.

And, LOVE those sweet baby thighs!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the old photos you pulled out. Just the other day I was remembering the worst sunburn I've had in my life. Nelda Alan and I were lured upstream by the Santa Rosa River. I'm not sure sure how far we waded but it was only half of the time we were exposed to the sun...we had to walk back.

Rebecca Jo said...

Isnt it funny how Baby Eistein can keep their little attentions... its like magic or something!

He & Me + 3 said...

For real...going to spain? Awesome. Love the sets of threes.

RaD said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

From the looks of things (ya know, posts on your blog) you have traveled a lot. Enjoy Spain in June!

The Bug said...

I'm usually the shortest too - except my SIL who is a total shrimp (she claims she's 5', but we're pretty sure she's shorter than that LOL).

I enjoyed all your pictures of PEOPLE this week. I need to try to get more people in my pics - but we're pretty fixated on flowers right now.