Friday, April 30, 2010

What I've been reading...

This is my first attempt at joining the What's on Your Nightstand crowd, even though there is nothing on my nightstand. I just don't read in bed.  Every fourth Tuesday of the month avid readers, who also blog, link up with their lists, photos, comments. I saw that Mr. Linky is still available, so I will proceed with mine.

I have more time because I did not write a Friday Flashback. Today's PROMpt was about (you guessed it!)--proms! Well, I did not have a prom, nor had I ever heard of such a thing in my upbringing in Argentina.

First, two books I just finished reading this week:


I wrote a post about the one on the left, Fireworks over Toccoa , even though I hadn't finished reading it yet.
Now I can tell you more. It reminded me of Nicholas Spark's Dear John. I have read so very few romance novels and I was not very comfortable with the love scenes. However there are lessons to be gleaned from the story. Avoid compromising situations, especially when you are lonely and vulnerable, if not at all times, i.e. we cannot trust our own strength to resist temptation. Having accepted where it was going, I was pleasantly surprised at how the author wrapped it up with several unexpected twists.

The book on the right was one of the textbooks for the online course that just ended. Though I read all of it, I will not be finished with it for as long as I continue to write our life stories.

In the upstairs bathroom I keep one discussed some time ago on Moody Radio's Book Club--Velma Still Cooks in Leeway.

In the downstairs bathroom I keep a volume of poetry by Borges, famous Argentine author, and ponder one of his poems when I am in the mood.
And I just uncovered a memoir along the same lines of what I am trying to do, a story of life between two worlds. A dear friend gave it to me some years ago when I was busy teaching and thus it lay forgotten and dusty. Now is the time to dig into American Chica.

And when I am driving I listen to an audio book, which at the moment has to do with preparing us for our visit to the Basque Country next month.
Now I am going to link up with the others, although I don't mind if nobody reads this post. I am simply grateful to have written my first one. "Better late than never."

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Cassandra said...

I browsed over from the Mr. Linky. :) "American Chica" sounds really interesting!