Saturday, May 1, 2010

2010 Week 18

All kinds of new growth in the woods and garden! Everything is turning green--verde!
The hostas have gone wild and the columbines are spreading. The lilac bush is huge, but my favorites are the lilies of the valley!

Twice a week I go to an exercise class for seniors at the Gray Barn. Exercise Science majors run the program. I feel myself getting stronger. Now if I could just lose some belly fat as well...

Tuesday evening was our last ladies Bible study. We ended with food, fellowship and our final Psalm was 145.


I was especially blessed by the background given for verse 8.  Those were the words God chose to describe Himself to His erring people after Moses' second time on the mountain when he returned with a whole new set of stone tablets. (Would you say this to your children after they have behaved their worst?)
Our leader went on to point out that these words were common knowledge and everyone in Israel would have known exactly what followed a proclamation of the name of Jehovah, much in the same way we know what "I have a dream..." was all about. Do we think of those divine characteristics first thing when we hear His name?

Wednesday, among many other things, I watched granddaughter Kayla at the dance studio. It was picture taking day, but they also performed a few of the numbers. We will not be here for the recital in June. I am sad to miss her many dances but especially her performance as the purple fairy in Sleeping Beauty.

A month from now we will be on our way to Spain. We have been meeting Thursday evenings with the other couple going with us to share, discuss, prepare for this big event. This week we met at their house with the lovely view of the sunset. Dane and Mike will be riding La Pyrénéenne with a group of Basque friends.

Friday morning they set off for Tennessee and today they rode the 3S3M (3 States 3 Mountains). Mike phoned today, after it was over. He felt very good about how it went and the weather was perfect, no rain!

Meanwhile, I headed to Muncie for Elijah's first T-ball game, but it was canceled due to impending rain. So, I got to visit and play with grandbaby Zion.


Dena said...

I would love to have a lilac bush, but I'm so bad with plants that I won't put a plant through the torture of having to come to our house. lol

Your granddaughter is beautiful! I love her costume - so pretty.

skoots1mom said...

what a wonderful week...
great pictures again

sara said...

wow, is your trip really only a month away?!!

I miss my lilac bush from my IN house! I loved the smell as I sat on my porch.

great week!!

Kim said...

Lillies of the Valley are my favorite too! I have some perfume I bought in Ireland that has that scent :-)

Kayla looks so lovely in her purple fairy costume! Does she plan to pursue dance professionally?

So excited about your upcoming trip to Spain! Where all will you be going? Anything on the agenda besides the main reason for going, the biking event?

Just love the photo of you and Zion. He loves his grandma! :-)

Tori said...

Love that you're exercising your body and Spirit! I am always a little sad when a Bible study ends. Spain will be here in no time. Where all will you be going?
Have a super week!

McCrakensx4 said...

OH growing up my mom had a huge lilac bush in our yard and I loved when she brought the blooming flowers into the house. I used to dance once upon a time...your grand daughter looks lovely!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Yeah...I'm wishing I could do something about the belly fat thing, too. (Notice I said "wishing" and not "working on it.")

Doesn't Kayla look spectacular?! How fun! Sorry you'll miss the big event.

Spain, huh?! Nice!

Looks like you had a sweet time with Baby Zion. :)

RaD said...

All the great ones wear the #9 (wink, wink)!

Great pictures this week!

Lori said...

Have a wonderful time in Spain... How exciting. Your grandson is adorable!! Have a great week and keep us posted on the Lilies of the Valley - they remind me of my childhood.

Elizabeth said...

A trip to Spain... sounds so wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures from that trip!

He & Me + 3 said...

I have been exercising too lately. Waiting for my belly fat to disappear as well:) I wish that I were part of a Bible Study. What a great way to spend time with other Christian women.

Rita said...

Yeah for verde! I love it when spring comes! Too bad you can't capture that wonderful smell of lily of the valley with a camera!
Wow - Spain! Sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a great trip and come back with lots of pics for us!

The Bug said...

Love your grandaughter's costume - I'll bet she does a great job.

Boy I'm impressed with all that bike riding - the last time I rode one was up at Lake Erie many years ago - I SUFFERED the next day LOL.

SmallTownRunner said...

I love everything that is blooming! I have columbine, too, and lilies of the valley. My last set of tulips is in bloom now, and my irises are about to open up. I have Stars of Bethlehem in my yard as well. Those remind me of my childhood -- when my dad got out the lawnmower, I would rush outside so I could pick the flowers for my mom before he mowed them off.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

SPAIN!!!! How exciting. Can't wait to see all the pictures!


Ladynred said...

love the plants and the dance.
365 day