Sunday, May 9, 2010

2010 Week 19: Big Week!

It started out slow enough--modem out, limited internet access--but by the end accelerated to a hectic pace.

The last of the Lilies of the Valley. Wish I could include the fragrance as well. Ahhhh.....

At Monday Night Meal we celebrated David Judah's 12th birthday. He's become like family, so the 'cousins' were there and he got the You Are Special recognition and his favorite food, Monte Cristos.

Maybe not so favorite was the Koch-style birthday song. I think he is trying to contain his laughter, or maybe shut out the noise.

On the way home, after the storm, we saw the most beautiful rainbow, or maybe a double rainbow?

Mike completed a huge project--handrails. Turn your head a little sideways and visualize us hanging on and making our way up the stairs in our old age. And, now we won't be afraid of baby Zion falling off the side either. The other four grandbabies survived our railless staircase, so maybe he is safe too, but this will prevent us from having a heart attack.

Saturday, May 8th: niece Tina and DIL Kristie's graduations. What to do?
Friday I traveled to Winona Lake to spend time with Mother and take her to the Presidential Dessert reception at Grace and thus we honored the lovely Cristina, who graduated Suma Cum Laude the next day.

Saturday brave Daddy Sam, the three boys and I battled the crowds at Ball State University's Sciences and Humanities graduation ceremony to honor Kristie, who triumphed against all odds and earned a near perfect GPA in Psychological Sciences.

Between commencement and celebration meal, I had enough time to go home and get in on Kayla's prom send-off.

Do you notice anything similar in the following photo taken 19 years earlier?

A busy but wonderful day! And now it is Mother's Day. Here is the poster I made for my mother.


sara said...

there are some smart cookies in your family!!!!

I know it was hard for Kim not to be there, but so wonderful that Tina has so many family members!!!

Elizabeth said...

Great picture of Grandma and Tina...
Congrats to Kristie... she is amazing!
So Kayla wore the same dress Leah wore... I love the dress... its gorgious!
Great idea to make a poster!

Tori said...

What a fun week! Congrats to those graduates...great accomplishment!
Kayla's dress is adorable and is it the same dress? How fun!
I haven't had a montecristo in a long time. That got my taste buds going!
Have a super week Rita!

Kim said...

I wish you could have included the smell of the Lillies too :-) Haven't smelled those in years.

I'm not sure I've ever had a Montecristo; you'll have to make them when we visit next!

Lovely job on the railing. As always :-)

So glad you could go on Friday! Tina said right after you left she saw the president and she left Kyle standing near him while she tried to find you, but to no avail. Oh well.

Kristie looks radiant! What a wonderful accomplishment! What are her plans now?

Is it the same dress or one very similar? It is beautiful!

Love the post idea. A really fun gift :-)

Lori said...

Your Lilies of the Valley brought back childhood memories. We used to have a huge patch of them under an oak tree. Every spring we would pick some and bring the fragrance inside... thanks for sharing!

Beverlydru said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog through Linda's Flashback Friday. I'm gald I got to see your photo journal- what a fun way to get to know you. Someone said mother's day should be called "Family Day" as that's what makes our hearts sing... happy families.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Was that the very same dress or just a reproduction of you'r old dress??

Lots of graduation stuff going on this week!

Wonderful week, I know you all enjoyed yourself with all the graduation celebrations.

for the new week!


Ladynred said...

Happy birthday and Congrats! Love the rainbow shot.

Lhoyt said...

Congratulations to the grads!!
So glad you could be there for Tina's graduation! And Grandma too! I'm sure it meant a lot to her. And both Tina and Kristie with special honors WOW. My only honor was I graduated "Laude How Koom"!

Lisa said...

Busy...I guess so! That time of year. Fun time of year. At least, fun to READ about. :)

H-Mama said...

What a busy, exciting week you had! Love the polka-dot dresses. I'm curious as to the story?? ;)