Friday, May 21, 2010

Flashback Friday: High School Graduation

Once again Mocha With Linda has outdone herself thinking up prompts to jog our memories and bring out all kinds of interesting things from those days long forgotten. Here is prompt # 10. After reading my responses, go to her blog and be entertained by the other anecdotes from bygone days.

Tell about your senior year in high school. Were there any special traditions such as getting a senior ring? Were there lots of activities and parties as you neared graduation? Were you in any extra-curricular activities that had traditional "rites of passage" or "passing the baton" too the next class? Were awards given out - either serious or fun? Did you send out graduation announcements? Did your school have a Baccalaureate Service in addition to the graduation ceremony? If you attended church, did your church recognize/honor Seniors in any way? Did you keep your tassel - did you hang it from the mirror of your car or do something else special with it? What sorts of things did you get for graduation gifts? Was it a tradition to display the gifts in your home?
 And once again, my answers are different from everyone else's, like as far removed Argentina is from the USA.

This is my senior class photo, the only one, no individual pictures nor fancy artistic poses and all sizes of prints to hand out or hang on the wall. Can you find me?

No need to tell you we wore uniforms. They were every mother's nightmare--pleated, white, starched, ironed, buttoned-in-the-back and tied at the waist guardapolvos (=to protect from dust).
You might wonder why there were only two boys in my class. It was a Normal school, train elementary teachers. The boy/girl ratio is probably not very different here in El Ed programs.
One more note of interest. There were three sections of 5th year and each group stayed together all the time in the same classroom, no moving around. The teachers came to us.
I look at the faces, some names have faded from my memory. I wonder where some of them are and what they are doing??? No high school reunions for me.

Here is the only photo of the simple graduation ceremony from the Escuela Normal Mixta de Quilmes Almirante Guillermo Brown, November of 1963. I pinned a flower on my father's lapel and he pinned our class emblem on my uniform. That is all I recall, folks. There were no diplomas, tassels, awards, open-houses, church recognition, gifts, cards, parties. At least, that I can remember.

Now I'm going to go link up and see if anyone can top that odd tale!


Mocha with Linda said...

It's always fun to read how different things were for you. I can't imagine Having to wear those uniforms.

quilly said...

I never would have survived being dressed all in white everyday all day long! I have trouble managing a white blouse for more than a few minutes!

I attended my high school graduation as a guest rather than as a graduate, so you came out ahead there.

skoots1mom said...

yep, that was me in the golden robe...long time ago.
loved your reminds me of a nursing class graduation
...these memes are fun

Kim said...

I'm so enjoying the "new" photos -- ones I've never seen before. Dad looks so serious in that photo! Assuming it was a very solemn occasion?

Today is Argentina's bicentennial, of course, and I was the only one who didn't know all the words to the national anthem. Pretty music though. Lots of "Viva La patria!" followed by a chorus of "Viva!" from everyone else throughout the weekend :-)