Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 Week 20: Another full week!

I've heard that as you grow older time accelerates, speeds up, flies by! Too true. Here are my representative photos, some cell phone pics, some borrowed (or stolen), a few my own photography.

Sweet Mother's Day flowers

Honeysuckle? Whatever they are, I enjoyed them on my walk -runs. Monday they were gone!


These clinging vines that have become one with the tree always remind me of a chorus I used to sing to my girls team to wake them up in the morning, because it says "I love Jesus in the morning..."

Amo a Cristo en la mañana
Yo le amo al mediodía
Al atardecer yo le amo
A medianoche cerca está
El la roca y yo la hiedra
y aferrados más y más
Pues en Jesuccristo tengo
gozo y dulce paz.

I especially like the highlighted verses:
"He is the Rock and I the ivy
and clinging more and more..."

A new granddog, Rally!

With the friends who are going to Spain with us

With Mother at the annual Mother Daughter dinner.

Speaking of mothers and daughters...some of you wanted to know the story of the similar dresses in last week's post. Here it is. Kayla's prom dress was the same one her mother wore to her prom nineteen years ago--timeless, appropriate, suited perfectly to her and the occasion.


sara said...

we used to have honeysuckle growing at our house when I was young. I loved taking the end off and getting the honey!!!

are you getting excited for Spain?!!!

what a lovely picture of you and your mom! So sweet!

great week Rita!

Dena said...

Your mothers day flowers are so beautiful.

Have fun in Spain. Our daughter has been there and would love to go back.

I love the prom dress! So beautiful and special since it was her moms.

skoots1mom said...

such beautiful pictures...
love the polka dot dress especially

Tori said...

I still think the prom dress is amazing!
You and your mother look beautiful...what a special day!
I love that you recognize the granddog! Too funny!!
Have a super week!!

Ladynred said...

The flowers are beautiful.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

honeysuckle is one of my all time favorite smells. There is not any here in this area and I miss it!

You had a great week!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I always love getting flowers.

Cute "granddog." :) Great name, too!

That's awesome about the prom dress!! You couldn't do this with just any dress. This one is a show-stopper!