Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Week 16

Sunday: First meeting of families who will be welcoming Basque teens from June 25-July 25!
To think that in about six weeks we will be flying to Northern Spain! (If the volcanic cloud has dissipated by then!)

Flags of the Basque Country and the USA

Monday: Teen friend and chef apprentice was back at Monday Meal again after a long time away :)

Tuesday: Niece Tina and her friend stopped by after interviewing a couple ( 90 and 95!) for a video and dining at our one local attraction--Ivanhoe's.

Wednesday: Daughter and I went to a community ladies craft luncheon and made cards. We used our creativity to some extent deciding where to put the bits and pieces we were given.

The verse stamped inside says,
you are Inscribed on the palm of his hand...
Isaiah 49:16
Thursday: Up at 3:00 a.m.; missed our flight to Bermuda by a few minutes :(
We drove home in silence, engrossed in our own thoughts. I realized that we are too laid back and low key, and this is a good preview to prepare us for our next big trip. But there is more...

One of those helping with re-booking our flights for the next day, said: "We call this a blessed day, unexpected opportunities await you." The name on his badge was Ángel. He may not have been an angel, but his message helped to change our perspective. I suddenly realized that with this change of plans I would be free to attend the memorial service of a dear lady I had worked with. The service and the time with former colleagues was truly precious.

Friday: Up at 3:00 a.m. again. This time we made it to our destination--the OM Ships International 2010 Partner Weekend, held at the Willowbank Hotel in Bermuda. Our ocean-front location was awe inspiring.

But by far the best part was the fellowship, meeting old and new friends, sharing stories from our life on OM, and hearing what God is doing now.

Saturday: We had our own private tour of the newest OM ship, the only one left sailing and serving.

It is much larger than the M/V Doulos (the ship we served on from 1978-1983) and is so well equipped. There are so many stories to tell. I will try to write several posts worth.

I leave you with one last photo at the Captain's gala dinner on board. This image alone represents many many stories and connections, a taste of heaven really, where we will be sharing exciting stories for all eternity!


Tori said...

Such an adventure you are on Rita! I love your attitude about the missed flight.
You look beautiful in the last shot, all of you do!
Have a super week!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow... it is amazing how much traveling you guys have been able to accomplish since you have retired...

Nel said...

What fun! Love your pictures. And love your thoughts about the missed flight. I am like that, when I miss something or am late, I truly believe there is a reason.
And He knows what it is!
until next time... nel

The Bug said...

How exciting to go to Bermuda for a bit! And having old friends there made it even sweeter...

RaD said...

Those "missed opportunities" are sometimes God's blessing in disguise and truly I'm sure you could consider this one of them.

And in answer to your question, no water damage, thankfully!

sara said...

yes, we did have a similar week didn't we?

so fun to look "back" and see how God works on our behalf!!

looks like you had a very blessed weekend!

expatprincess said...

Rita: does this mean your assignment will be late?

I just heard part of a study on that scripture which said that the Greek (? Help me out here) word for inscribed actually meant engraved, as in carved in His palm; that's how much He loves you! xoxoxo

Cristina Elizabeth said...

Kyle and I both really enjoyed our visit with you! Thanks for having us!

H-Mama said...

what an adventurous week! fun! so fun!!

Lhoyt said...

Without a doubt, a test of your faith in the Sovereignty of God. He is Sovereign, even to the point of using our slipups for His glory!! That ship, is really a beauty!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no...about missing your flight. Love that the attendant was named Angel. So neat.