Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 Week 41

Sunday, after a good service at Mother's church, we went to Grace Village and ate dinner with both Dad and Mom. I asked Dad how he was doing. He said in his very feeble voice, "I'm just waiting."

Then we walked back to the house and prepared for the second half of our tandem-circuit vacation.

It was much cooler, but the wind was in our favor, and the rides were shorter.

Monday early afternoon we arrived safely back in Upland, very grateful for those days adventuring together.

Tuesday was granddaughter Kayla's 19th birthday! Hard to believe. I stopped by the dance studio to drop off some surprise goodies. She was leading the young ones alone at the time, and then paused and posed with her teacher-friend.  (Photos taken through the glass.)

Work at the Red Barn is over for now, until money comes in to equip the art room. This is what it looks like right now. Mike built the large table, among other things.

Thursday, another Klaytivity gig. This time it was the annual special Arts Walk (as opposed to the regular monthly event) in downtown Muncie, an evening of music, food, and the arts.

It was a beautiful day for the event. To begin with we were roasting in the sun, then by evening it was cool. The lit candles added a warm glow.

Friday I visited Elijah's school for Grandparents' Day. He was in a hurry to take me for coffee...or was it my candy he wanted? ;) 

Saturday, Taylor Homecoming, I ran the 5K and shaved off 30" from the last run. Do you suppose the many miles on the tandem helped? Can you see what my T-shirt says in the reflection?


Tori said...

You never cease to amaze me! All of your biking and 5K's! Great job!!
I love the blue in the room at the red barn. Nice to see some more of Mike's skills too with the table.

I started reading your blog this past January due to Project 365. I don't think I can pick just one thing. I love hearing about your travels, your teaching, Monday meals. Like I said, can't pick just one.
Have a super week!!!

The Bug said...

What a fun week! I'm still fairly impressed by all of your activity - WTG on shaving that much off your time on the 5k!

I came to your blog via the Project 365, but I don't really remember how I started doing it. I think my friend Bekah said she was doing it & I had remember reading Kim's Random Dozen posts from 2nd Cup of Coffee's blog & I remembered that she had mentioned P365, so I found that post to get linked up to Sara. Turns out my other friend wasn't linking to Sara (although she's still doing P365).

I don't remember a specific post - I have a terrible memory! But you already have my answer to the last question :)

sara said...

looks like a busy week!!

I need to know how much that bike weighs with all that stuff on it! And you guys looks smashing in those yellow jackets!!

I sent Mike an email from his klaytivity site. I couldn't find how to order the butter bell. It wasn't listed so I couldn't get to pay pal. Sorry I am being so much trouble!!

Happy blogoversary!!!

I honestly can't remember if you found my blog or I found yours, but I think it was through P365. However, it might be from Kim's blog. Argh, I can't remember!!! But I do know that I am very glad I did!!!

Kim said...

Love those yellow jackets!

Such a lovely young granddaughter :)

Adore that blue on the walls at the Red Barn.

Looking forward to seeing Mike's work and picking up my pot! :)

"Run for the Fund"?

See you in a month or so!!!

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe you have been blogging for 3 years now. I enjoy reading your blog to stay alittle more connected with family.
I always enjoy seeing the old family pictures and stories that go with them.
I also appreciate the updates and current pictures of Grandma and Grandpa.
Sorry I havent been taking much time to post comments but I am still reading your blog.

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week...grand daughter's birthday and grandparent's day at grandson's school...what a blessing. Dinner with your parents and riding with your love. I hope you have another amazing week.

I have come to read your Project 365 through Sara's blog.

HMama @ Family Team said...

Grandparent's Day. That's just the sweetest! You guys always have so much fun. :)

Lhoyt said...

The Flowertown Festival in Summerville, SC is in April or May. Sure would be nice if you could plan to be here for that. You'd definitely have a place to stay, and this is one of the biggest craft fairs in the SouthEast.