Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Week 42

Sunday we celebrated Kayla's birthday as a family. She had asked to go to Mi Pueblo, a Mexican restaurant in nearby Marion. Some of us were surprised that she would want to experience their style of birthday song. She was thinking sombrero y postre and had no idea what was coming.

The sunrises are gorgeous on my way to class in the morning. That will probably change as the days get shorter. My point and shoot ability and idiot-proof little camera can never do justice to those glorious amaneceres.

Wednesday I had a hair appointment. My hairdresser is a neighbor and friend. I trust her completely, all I do is show up every seven weeks and let her decide and do what she thinks needs to be done. She said I was overdo for a coloring session, a lot of gray showing through. I didn't know, just looked like highlights to me.

How many of you were glued to the TV watching the Chilean miners being rescued one by one? Did anyone notice what was printed on their t-shirts? I had to look intently to decipher what they said. On the front,  “Gracias, Señor” (Thank you, Lord). And on the back, “son suyas las profundidades de la tierra, son suyas las cumbres de los montes. A Él la gloria y el honor”. (Psalm 95:4)

In this very difficult year in which Chile suffered a devastating earthquake, they went ahead and celebrated their bicentennial. The discovery, survival and eventual rescue of the 33 trapped miners was such an inspiration to the entire nation. The have been called los angeles del bicentenario.

I worked steadily to finish a little sweater I was knitting as a gift for dear friends in Mexico expecting their first baby. Thursday I met with one of the ladies leaving with the October-team on Saturday. They are so faithful, and so privileged, to go to Xocenpich, Yucatán area twice a year.

Friday may have been the last day of work at the Red Barn for awhile. Mike and one of the students put together a pool table.

Elijah loves to spend the night whenever it works out for all of us. So he came yesterday and today we went to the Children's Museum in Muncie. As usual, he was exploring non-stop. The hardest for him was to obey the no-running rule.

The longest he stayed still was when here, tracing Garfield cartoons.


sara said...

That picture of Kayla is so funny!!!

wow you must not have much grey if you can go SEVEN weeks without a color!! If I push it to 5, I look like I start looking bald because the roots are so white!!!!

love the sweater!

great week!

Tori said...

Now that would be quite a birthday song!
Hooray for a good hair day! Even better when you trust your stylist to do what "needs to be done"! :)
We watched as much of the miner rescue as we could. I saw the shirts too but didn't know the back was Psalms until another friend mentioned it. I also saw "Jesus" pinted on the sleeve. What a testimony of hope they are to so many!

Gorgeous sweater you made!
Have a super week Rita!!

The Bug said...

Oh my goodness - I'm not sure I'd be excited about a pie to the face - unless it was a GOOD pie LOL.

I'm toying with the idea of letting my gray grow out - we'll see how it ends up looking.

I couldn't even READ about the miners without crying for those two days - what an AMAZING feat!

H-Mama said...

Love this first picture. So much fun! Gray and highlights... its all the same, right? Oh, how I wish. ;)

Amy said...

Those miners just amazed me. In so many of those kinds of stories there is never a happy ending. I am just proud of the media for really relishing in some happiness for a change.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

LOVE that sweater. I have never done a piece of clothing, up until now that is. I have a patter given to me for my granddaughter for a small sweater. I have never done one before so I will be stretching myself a bit.

It looks beautiful!


If memory serves, which it seldom does, I started visiting your blog when I discovered your connection to Kim over at Just a Souther Girl. I have been a reader of hers for sometime. I always love to find the personal connection among the blogging community.


Kim said...

Wish I could find a hairstylist I trusted. Feeling a bit like a sheep who's just been shorn -- hoping it grows out enough to use a curling iron for the wedding. Ugh.

Such a cute, colorful sweater!

Great shot of Elijah so intent upon his task. Lots of great photos this week. Always love seeing how things are going!