Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 Week 45

New Spanish connection and remembering the old days.

I walked into Sunday School a couple minutes late as visitors were being introduced. Mike whispered, "They're from Spain, Barcelona." When the lesson began, he suggested I move over and offer to interpret, especially for the one gentleman who could not understand English. Rafa (short for Rafael) is in charge of maintenance at La Arcada, a camp in Northern Spain.
Thus began a week of remembering old times. Years ago, I did a lot of simultaneous interpretation. Three times this week I was privileged to refresh that skill.  This morning was the most unusual--I was invited to attend the men's breakfast. I obliged.

Of course, I ate my manly share of the good food too. I probably learned more from the topic of the morning than Rafa since it was all about sharpening tools. He told me the names and explained the various tools and machines.
We were asked to pose a few times. I was caught adjusting my face in this one.

I spent most of the day Monday going through very old slides (remember those things?) looking for any with Sammy. Today is the day we remember when our youngest was born and celebrate the man he has become.

At Monday meal we were happy to see Sam and family again now that soccer season is over.
One more photo of my gordito precioso with Aunt Karen who knit his little cap.

Spanish teaching continues two mornings a week. Often after class I stop by this old-fashioned McD's on the way, especially on days when I have other errands or appointments before finally going home.

Thursday was one of those long days. I wanted to attend a session for writers at Taylor University, featuring Jerry B Jenkins, the very prolific author of the Left Behind series among other many best sellers.

I also met Kayleen Reusser, who writes for children. Years ago we worked at Taylor Fort Wayne.

These sessions and encounters were very inspiring and reminded me that I would like to be writing more. 

A tornado struck nearby damaging trees at the local cemetery. Some fifty head stones were strewn as well.


Kim said...

You in the mask -- too funny! At first I thought it was a photo of a puppet. lol

I remember a McD's with that old fashioned kind of sign from when I was a little girl. Wow!

Did you manage to attend Jenkins' session? Sounds like fun!

When did you have a tornado? I heard there was snow the other day too. No me gusta :) Packed our winter coats today but it's hard to imagine having to wear them -- it's in the 90s today!

sara said...

sounds like a busy week for you!

Can't wait to read more of your spain stories!!!

and of course, that grandbaby is adorable!!!

rita said...

Yes, Kim, I was able to attend two sessions with Jenkins. I took the picture of him autographing the book I bought--his favorite RIVEN.

SmallTownRunner said...

I'm glad you've gotten the opportunity for interpreting lately! And you're right -- that photo of Zion and me did turn out really well. He actually seems to not mind that I'm holding him. (Thank goodness for "The Wheels on the Bus!")

The Bug said...

LOVE the mask! Boy is he ever TALL! Or are you extra short? :)

Your gordito precioso is seriously too cute in that hat!

rita said...

Yes, Bug, Rafa is quite tall, but I am very short, 4'11" :)

H-Mama said...

You have such a beautiful family!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Your mask is hilarious! Love it.

And what sweet family pictures. Babies just bring out the most heart-warming moments, don't they?

I know. I wish I could write (and read) more. It's so hard to find the time for everything in life, isn't it?!