Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Week 48

Two birthday celebrations: Malachi (12), and Zion (1). The brothers are enjoying their cake, first taste of sugar for Zion.

I enjoy stopping by Sam's shop as I drive right by there after class to see what he's up to. This week I didn't teach but Mike and I drove in to drop off something. He was doing an emergency chair repair job for a friend's Thanksgiving gathering. He always has a lot going on. The warehouse is looking crowded, except for the back part where the skateboarding bowl is.

Sam's Custom Woodworking Shop

Two more deer. Chef Stephan is happy. Each one provides three months worth of meat for them. 

Thursday--Thanksgiving Day
We had a Midwest-Hoyts gathering. It was so special to have my brother and SIL back from Argentina for their daughter's wedding in a few weeks. And also to have Dad home for the day. He did very well for as weak as he is.

 The happy couple sitting at the other end of the table. December 17th is their big day.

Mike's sister Diane spends the holidays with us. She and I put up the Christmas tree. Even though it has no ornaments yet, I feel far ahead of schedule. I have never before begun decorating on Thanksgiving weekend like most people do.

Diane must have been very tired. She took an extra long nap.

I am rather exhausted myself. We had another Thanksgiving meal here today to include those who could not join us up north on Thursday. Now we have our own leftovers, always a plus.

The young folk played a game of Life after dinner--good fun and fellowship, the best part of family get-togethers.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

When my son was in elementary school we lived across from an avid deer hunter. He used to get so excited when our neighbor would come home with a deer in the back of his pick up. One afternoon he came home with a deer foot in hand. It was his prized possession for several days. I drew the line on him keeping it in his room it was delegated to the back deck and when he lost interest in it I secretly tossed it in the trash.

No offense here!


Oldfangled said...

Yay for venison! We had some tenderloin the other night -- sliced very thin and fried in butter. It was amazing!

The Bug said...

Great week! Good to see Tina & her man looking so happy. Boy the Life board looks really different than the ancient one we had growing up :)