Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Week 46

Life goes on...

We say goodbye to new friends and stay in touch with old and new; watch our babies grow, our children and grandchildren moving on in life; we continue our labors whatever they may be; we eat, sleep, exercise, and enjoy life. Is this beginning to sound like Ecclesiastes, except that the Teacher there starts out saying all is meaningless. By the end, he concludes: Fear God and obey...

Here are the highlights of the ongoingness of life this week.

Sunday we enjoyed our friends from Spain and I interpreted again both morning and evening. Then it was time to say goodbye.

Rafa and daughter Laura 
(Are you beginning to notice the whole world is taller than me?)

Monday Meal
Baby begins to walk
Boys help assemble Monte Cristos

We celebrate Sam's 32 years completed

Tuesdays and Thursdays Spanish classes continue, for a few more weeks. Students take turns presenting something about the Hispanic culture.

Wearing my huipil, reading the story she wrote

Friday, granddaughter Kayla's first college visit!

Beneficence (Benny) extends her hand in welcome

Frog Baby blesses those who kiss its upturned nose

The tallest bell tower in Indiana
Is that a perplexed look? "Is BSU the place for me?"

Hunting season has begun. Mike was out bow hunting nearly every day. He saw a few good sized bucks, but no success yet. Son Stephan joined him when gun season opened.

Mid-morning nourishment and hunting show

Beautiful weather all week allowed for one more paseo en bici (bike ride)!


sara said...

I love your new look!!

It looks like you had a great week! But please tell Mike to leave the deer alone and start making some more butter bells! ha!

I was actually surprised at how many people showed up to church today...typically on the first Sunday of gun season, we have about 1/2 the amount of people!

I always love your bike/shadow pics!!

Lhoyt said...

Great pictures Rita. I have come to the conclusion that the quality of the camera is only half of the matter. Knowing how and what to take pictures of is the other half, and you seem to have them both. I enjoy them.

The Bug said...

Yes, yes I HAD noticed that the world is taller than you :)

LOVE the bicycle picture! That is so cool - & something I never even look for. I'll have to keep my eye out for interesting shadows this week.

Kim said...

That is seriously the coolest photo of your shadow on bikes!
Looks like another busy week of (mostly) family activities :)
I'll check with Sharon about what you can bring to the dinner next week. I'll be seeing her today as we go shop for a dress for me (my MOTB outfit).