Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid January

What direction is life taking halfway through the first month?
I made no new year's resolutions, but I do have some hopeful goals.

By the end of last week, the Colts were out of the playoffs, so now we follow the Green Bay Packers, after all we were married in Milwaukee, two family members were born in Oshkosh, and all Mike's family lives in Wisconsin. In fact, we're watching the Packer vs. Falcons game as I write.

Last Sunday morning, after the Colts' loss the night before, our overnight guests began to leave. We persuaded our DIL to stay for breakfast and church. She had come prepared to make us her wonderful egg sandwiches. As often happens with great meals, I enjoy the food so much and forget to take a picture before we dig into it.

Here we are nourishing both body and spirit. Mike discovered the Daily Audio Bible at the very start of the year and we've been listening to the readings every day during breakfast. We like the dynamic delivery and the sense of community.

Other routines at this time: Mike teaching pottery at the Red Barn MWF, and robotics TRS. I am spending time each day writing.

Mentor Mike teaching young minds how to solve problems.
(Photos of Team 1720 The Phyxtgears )
Mike often wakes up very early when he has so much on his mind. But then, midday he'll take a nap on the big sofa and I on the love seat.

Mike snapped this photo, not very flattering but it's me in real life. I love the flexibility of retirement.

When a writer stares out the window, it does not mean the mind is idle. A side benefit of those thinking times is to catch glimpses of outdoor life and beauty.

This squirrel has been building a nest all week. We don't know exactly where, or why he carries his building materials so far, all the way around the house.

 I tried three new recipes this week and was very pleased with the results, but alas, only one photo, and part way through the meal. The quesadillas de camarones were very tasty, muy sabrosas.

Another regular each week is the meal at Chef-son's. He was in Virginia all weekend  competing in an important ice carving event. Monday he arrived home at 6:15 p.m. and had a wonderful meal on the table an hour later.
My camera was not cooperating, so a phone pic will have to suffice.

Stephan wearing his long-awaited gold medals
One of the winning sculptures (photo borrowed from the Indiana Ice Studio on Facebook)--stylized cheetah.

Another, not so happy, family happening was an accident on an icy road. We are very grateful that Jimmy got out alive, and that Kayla was not driving at the time.

That sums up our week.


skoots1mom said... sorry about the accident...our ice was brutal.
great ice sculpture...
we BOTH got great cardinal shots :)

That One Girl said...

Wow!!! So glad everyone was okay!! Accidents can be very scary! My sister and I totaled my truck when I was just 17. She was driving and we were going to a concert and hit a patch of black ice. We ended up flipping side to side about 4 times and landing on the wheels. Needless to say my Momma wasn't exactly happy, but was glad that we were all okay.

Jacque ~ Life Along The Way


So sorry to hear about the accident. The ice was terrible here to. I could not get to work on Tuesday...even though school was in session. The bridge between me and the school was closed. Loved the cardinal shot. Several of you on P365 have them this week...I have not seen the first one. The ice sculpture was awesome. Some people have a lot of talent...others of us...not so much.+

sara said...

I always love the shots of the ice sculptures...that is so cool.

That accident looks really thankful no one got hurt. Icy roads scare me to death!

I am looking forward to retirement!

Kim said...

There's a plethora of cardinal photos on P365 this week :)
Want to share the recipe for those yummy quesadillas? I've got a hankering for some.
That's a pretty decent "asleep" photo -- at least you weren't lying there with your mouth open and drool. LOL How fun that the loveseat is just the right size for you to nap on :)
Lovely sculpture... but then his always are!
Assuming the car was totaled? Thankful no one was hurt!

momma frans said...

Oh, wow!! So glad the car took most of the beating in that accident!
The quesadilla looks delicious, and a black squirrel?!? I've never seen that before.

The Bug said...

That car looks SCARY! I'm so glad no one was killed!

I think Kim just called you short :)

And I agree - the quesadillas look really good!

RaD said...

Yikes! That looks scary! So glad everyone was okay. My mom and dad have that same couch. Small world.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Praise Jesus that no one was hurt in that accident!

All the winter weather was difficult for a lot of folks all over!

We will all be praying for a rapid thaw in the days to come, our snow is almost gone, but there is still a lot that lingers on the ground!


Mimi said...

Scary about the accident!

Have a great week,

Pamela said...

The car picture is enough to frighten any parent. So thankful your children are safe.

The ice sculpture is amazing and the cardinal picture looks like a painting.

Cotehele said...

What a lovely view from your house. Busy little squirrel!

Congratulations to Stephen. The ice sculpture is awesome.

Glad no one was hurt in the accident. Not sure how, the driver door bends into the car quite a lot!

Oldfangled said...

Stephan got only one gold medal -- the other was silver.

And "we didn't have those black squirrels back in Fon du Lac." (: