Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last Full Week in January

I found a photo from some months ago hidden in the internal memory of the camera. I include it now because I like it and I miss them. Sam and family haven't been around much lately due to several bouts of sickness.

Sam and Kristie
Sunday was our most recent family fun: meal, football, Wii, raku firing, fellowship.

Karen and Stephan
Stephan came directly from northern Michigan from an ice carving competition, obviously tired. 

The daughter brought the ham and potatoes. We added pineapple. Yum!

I watched the games and read blogs.

Between games Mike was 'rakuing' in the garage surrounded by an interested audience.

Monday he took a set of newly fired bowls to Chef's and we promptly used them for the delicious potato soup. They match the tureen.

I have no photos for some of the most significant events of this week, like Wally Roth's  funeral on Tuesday. It was one of the most memorable services we have ever attended. His life contributions were outstanding and the way he endured six years of ALS so very inspirational. His three sons stood together and paid him a wonderful and emotional tribute.Wally was instrumental in starting the program that gave a computer to the ship, the one Mike installed and operated on the Doulos.

Our Nepali friend is opening a restaurant soon. On a trip to Muncie this week I discovered where it is and snuck in for a peek. Sam is working on some of their furniture.

Friday I went to visit Mother and Dad. He welcomed me with a huge smile and a labored, " appear...from?" 
He blessed me with several more huge smiles, but it is impossible to capture them photographically  in a timely fashion.

Mother has very long days, dutifully caring for Dad at meal times and till he goes down for an afternoon nap or for the night. Here she sits in his wheel chair while they ready him for bed.

As soon as we got back to the house, however, she had to check the progress of the scrabble games she has going on her iPad.

Like a couple of young folk, we stayed up past our bedtime finding words and waiting for our remote opponents to respond.

This morning I stopped by the newlyweds home before driving back.

Can you see who I visited?


Tori said...

Oh how I've missed keeping up with you! So glad to see all of your loved ones!
There is an ice competition here locally and I thought of your son.
Does Mike make tureens? I have been looking every where for a pottery one.
It sounds like the memorial service was a celebration of a great life lived!
I know who you visited! I recognize those window frames on their wall.
Have a super week!!!

Darla said...

such sweet pictures of your mom and dad! the ham and pineapples made my mouth water! and i had to laugh at you saying you all stayed up on the ipad playing games, sounds like something my parents would do. :)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Ham with pineapples looks yummylicious. Reading blogs while watching TV my kind of things'

RaD said...

Sorry, I don't have a clue who you visited :) Looks like you had an eventful week. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but your parents are adorable!


You had a busy week and really got some wonderful pictures. I loved the bowl with soup picture. The ham and pineapple dish looked yummy.

Lisa said...

What a sweet picture of your dad. I'm impressed that your mom is on an iPad...remote scrabble sounds like a lot of fun. Beautiful green bowls.

sara said...

looks like a wonderful week full of family and fun!

I love that your mom knows how to use an iPad!!!!

did you visit Tina?

momma frans said...

the pictures of yourparents are sweet, and too funny that she has a scrabble game going on her iPad,lol.
the ham and pineapple looks delicious, and I don't even like ham that much! great picture!!

Kim said...

Haha, I recognized my blog in the one photo :) And of course it was Tina you stopped to see! Isn't their place cute?!

We'll have to go to that Indian restaurant while we're on furlough! I luuuuurve Indian food and can't get it here at all.

Looking forward very much to hanging out with you, and being able to hit one of the Monday nights at Chef's house :)

Mimi said...

How cool to get to see so much of your family this week!

Have a great week,

skoots1mom said...

ice carving...very taxing, i'm sure.

newly fired neat!

huge smiles...God bless he and your mother, so sweet! fun, go MOM!
great pics ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

What precious parents you have. They look so happy to have you there. The ham looked so good. WE had ham for lunch today and it hit the spot.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week!

Ham & Pineapple, what a great combo!


Elizabeth said...

Sam and Kristie are such a cute couple...
That ham and pineapple dish looks delicious!
Thank you for sharing pictures of Grandma and Grandpa... I always appreciate the updates. BTW - I would love to play a game of Words with Friends with Grandma and anyone else who has it... my name in the game is mikeandlizzie...
Have a GREAT week!
Love, Lizzie

Oldfangled said...

I sooo can't wait until Sitara opens. Hopefully this week! (And yes, Kim, you'll have to come to our house for dinner on a Monday -- or any other day for that matter.)

The Bug said...

That potato soup looks great. Glad you got to visit Tina - I only know because I saw Kim's comment :)