Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Treasures from the Past

In the last week or so I received items that document family history, veritable treasures.

My brother discovered and digitized a few hundred very old family photos and slides. This week he sent me a link to access his dropbox of photos--so many documented moments and events that evoke memories and reflection!

Three of my favorite scenes show my maternal grandfather when he visited us in far away Argentina. He was a very busy Baptist minister who got away for a few weeks to travel and see first hand our family's life and work. He did this twice by becoming a chaplain on a passenger ship to South America.

Grandpa Hirschy's First Visit--La Carlota
Grandpa Hirschy's Second Visit--Don Bosco

Grandpa visits the church in Don Bosco
 I love seeing these. I only wish I could fill in the memories with many more details.

Then my aunt sent me a copy of Grandpa's last will and testament signed June 11, 1959, and there I read Grandpa's deepest desire for all of us his descendants.
"May there not be one of all my house, children, grandchildren and future generations, missing from the eternal kingdom of our Lord." 


Nel said...

That is so cool! I love finding information about my ancestors. I love Ancestry.com. I have found a lot on there, even pictures that other people have posted. Your grandpa sounded like quite a man!

Rebecca Jo said...

wow... what a "thing" he wants left behind for his family... made me want to tear up!!!

I love old pictures... its just a moment in time frozen - LOVE THAT!

Lhoyt said...

I was not aware that Grandpa visited in La Carlota. I do distincly remember a picture of him with us in the driveway at Calle 31. Are you sure it was not on that visit that we may have travelled to La Carlota so that he could see the town? That would have been in 1952 or 1953.

Oldfangled said...

Great photos.